Siemens Unveils Virtualization Services

Guiding Customers through the Virtualization Evolution

NORWALK, Conn., June 23 -- Calling virtualization one of the most transcendent technologies to hit the market in years, Siemens IT Solutions and Services, Inc., today introduced its full-scale Virtualization Services. Based upon three core tenets -- Engage, Enable, and Evolve -- the package of services is designed to guide customers through what Siemens calls the "Virtualization Evolution".

"Most of the existing virtualization marketplace has developed from isolated projects, usually driven by short term cost savings and utilization efficiencies," said William J. McNamara, VP for Strategy at Siemens. "Those benefits are undoubtedly important. But we see virtualization and cloud computing as much more significant developments with broad reaching value. We believe that they have the potential to fundamentally change how IT is delivered, how information is accessed and secured, and how business is enabled."

The three tenets of the Siemens approach are designed to guide customers through the various stages of the Virtualization Evolution. At the outset, Siemens engages virtualization to simplify technology tools and business processes. By simplifying the IT and process environment, companies can reduce the number of non-value-added tasks and improve business efficiency. This simplified architecture must be housed and enabled in some fashion, and containment is the means. Containment engages all of the IT components into a centrally managed environment. By using the VMware® vSphere(TM) 4 platform with Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers for containment, companies will be able to save power, reduce emissions, and consolidate server space. After simplifying and containing system architecture, the next step is evolving to the optimum state of fully dynamic infrastructure. Emerging client virtualization solutions incorporating Intel® vPro(TM) technology provide enhanced security and improved manageability with increased end user flexibility. The entire Virtual Evolution is a journey along the road from initial simplification to the fully dynamic use of IT infrastructure.

"That's what we mean by a Virtual Evolution," said McNamara. "We approach this as far more than a simple IT project to reduce costs. We view this as a substantive, ongoing shift in how you do business. The potential benefits of such an approach are significant and we look forward to engaging our clients on the journey to becoming more productive and successful."

"Customers are looking to focus less on the plumbing of their IT environments and more on providing efficient, flexible and reliable IT as a service," said Dan Chu, vice president, emerging products and solutions, VMware. "The new Siemens virtualization initiative is an excellent platform for VMware customers to drive toward 100 percent virtualization in a simple, cost-effective way."

Siemens IT Solutions and Services is one of the few companies that has demonstrated full scale virtualization of IT services, having implemented it on a global scale for its parent company, Siemens AG. "No one else is doing it on this scale in real time," said Michael Kollar, Chief Architect. "We've implemented virtualization from data centers to the desktop. As such, we have a deep understanding of both the IT and business ramifications. Virtualization is about both content and technology," he said.

For its Virtualization Services, Siemens has drawn upon its considerable experience in IT transformation to create a process that produces predictable and repeatable results. The five components can be utilized in sequence, individually, or in almost any combination.

In its Virtualization Workshop, Siemens educates the organization and begins mapping business strategy to a preliminary IT roadmap. The Virtualization Assessment allows Siemens to gather vital information on a company's IT infrastructure, identify preferred options and formulate recommendations for moving through the Virtualization Evolution. During the Virtualization Design phase, Siemens creates the roadmap, architecture and customized path that takes an organization from the current state to the desired optimal state and target operating model. For the Virtualization Implementation stage, Siemens provides the resources and guidance necessary to consolidate, implement, and optimize a virtualized computing platform. Once implemented, Siemens' Virtualization Management provides the resources necessary to centrally manage and operate a dynamic Infrastructure

Siemens contends that its Virtualization Services will provide customers with considerable financial and operational benefits, including:

o Infrastructure cost reduction and optimization by managing more workloads without adding additional resources, and reducing power and cooling requirements

o Server consolidation and infrastructure optimization created by pooling compute resources for improved utilization

o Improved operational flexibility and responsiveness through managed IT infrastructure, based on standardized services, processes and automation

Siemens' Virtualization Services are powered by Intel® architecture based server and client platforms. The software is powered by VMware vSphere(TM) 4. Siemens feels strongly that the relationship between these three partners affords them an innovation advantage in the virtualization market, especially as it applies to cloud computing. Overall, this virtualized infrastructure provides important strategic, economic, and operational benefits, including:

o Non-stop hardware maintenance

o Dynamic resource management

o Instantaneous backups and reliable disaster recovery

"Intel Xeon processor 5500 series provides the technology foundation of a dynamic data center with leading virtualized server performance, while Intel vPro technology-based clients enable centralized PC fleet management for enhanced security and lower management costs," said Prasad Rampalli, Intel vice president, Digital Enterprise Group, and director, End-User Platform Integration. "These Intel technologies provide a robust foundation for Siemens' Virtualization Services, combining energy-efficient virtualization performance and more cost-effective client management that doesn't hinder users' mobility."

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Siemens IT Solutions and Services is an internationally leading provider of IT solutions and services. It covers the entire IT service chain from a single source, from consulting to system integration, right through to the management of IT infrastructures. In addition, Siemens IT Solutions and Services extends the range of offerings of the Siemens sectors to include software developments and IT solutions. With its comprehensive know-how and industry-specific knowledge, Siemens IT Solutions and Services provides measurable added value for its customers. The Siemens division employs around 42,000 people and posted annual sales of about $6.7B USD in fiscal year 2008. More information at:

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