Siemens to Provide a BNR System for Improving Effluent Quality at One of the Largest Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants in China

Warrendale, Pennsylvania, USA, - Siemens Water Technologies & Engineering (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (SWTE) signed a 42 million Renminbi (approx. 4.2 million Euro) contract with Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. in China (TCEPC) to provide a Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) system for upgrading and retrofitting the facilities of Tianjin Xianyang Road Wastewater Treatment Plant (Xianyang Road WWTP) in Tianjin, China. The BNR system will be designed to treat 450,000 m3 per day and to significantly improve the effluent discharge standard of Xianyang Road WWTP from the national standard of Class II to Class I. The project is scheduled for start up in April 2010.

The Verticel process is part of the Siemens solution at the Tianjin Xianyang Road Wastewater Treatment Plant.

As one of six main drainage systems in Tianjin, the Xianyang Road WWTP serves an area of 6806 hectares. The WWTP upgrade is one of the key sewage treatment projects for pollution control of the Hai River. The project was awarded to Siemens following a successful BNR pilot study conducted for TCEPC in June 2009.

The BNR system uses an aerated anoxic reactor, where simultaneous nitrification and de-nitrification occurs, followed by two aerobic reactors to increase the efficiency of total nitrogen removal when compared to conventional processes. With the BNR process, the biological reaction tank footprint is minimized, and therefore the capital cost is significantly reduced. TCEPC will not need to construct additional basins that otherwise would be required for conventional activated processes. In addition, the dissolved oxygen profile of 0/1/2 mg/l maintained in the three respective reactors greatly reduces oxygen demand, thereby reducing energy usage. The unique "Smart BNR" automation system allows optimal operation of the whole system. Not only can the BNR be easily retrofitted into existing plants, but is also ideal for new plants.

Water treatment technologies and solutions are an important feature of Siemens' environmental portfolio. In 2008, revenue from the products and solutions of Siemens' environmental portfolio was nearly EUR19 billion, which is equivalent to around a quarter of Siemens' total revenue. In 2008, Siemens China announced that more than half of its EUR 1 billion mid-term investment will go to energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies and solutions.

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The Siemens Industry Sector (Erlangen, Germany) is the world's leading supplier of production, transportation, building and lighting technologies. With integrated automation technologies as well as comprehensive industry-specific solutions, Siemens increases the productivity, efficiency and flexibility of its customers in the fields of industry and infrastructure. The Sector consists of six Divisions: Building Technologies, Drive Technologies, Industry Automation, Industry Solutions, Mobility and Osram. With around 222,000 employees worldwide Siemens Industry posted in fiscal year 2008 a profit of EUR3.86 billion with revenues totaling EUR38 billion.

With the business activities of Siemens VAI Metals Technologies, (Linz, Austria), Siemens Water Technologies (Warrendale, Pa., U.S.A.), and Industrial Technologies, (Erlangen, Germany), the Siemens Industry Solutions Division (Erlangen, Germany) is one of the world's leading solution and service providers for industrial and infrastructure facilities. Using its own products, systems and process technologies, Industry Solutions develops and builds plants for end customers, commissions them and provides support during their entire life cycle. With around 31,000 employees worldwide Siemens Industry Solutions achieved an order intake of EUR 8.415 billon in fiscal year 2008.

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