Siemens Receives First Order for Its Flex-Plant 30 Power Island Solution in U.S. Order Value is Approx. USD 140 Million

Erlangen, Germany, August 10, 2009 - Siemens Energy has been awarded a contract from Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) for the supply of a Flex-Plant(TM) 30 power island. The 280-MW, natural gas-fired combined cycle power plant will be located in Lodi, California, and will generate highly efficient and environmentally friendly power. The Flex-Plant 30 concept is unique because of its fast-start capability designed to deliver approximately 200 megawatts (MW) of power to the grid within only 30 minutes. These short start-up times reduce the emissions of the plant significantly. The order value is approx. USD 140 million.

With an output of 280 MW, the power plant will serve the energy needs of 14 different project participants, including Modesto Irrigation District, Power and Water Resources Pooling Authority, Port of Oakland, Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric, State of California Department of Water Resources, Bay Area Rapid Transit, City of Ukiah, City of Lodi, City of Biggs, City of Azusa, City of Lompoc, City of Santa Clara, City of Healdsburg and the City of Gridley.

The SCC6-5000F single-shaft Flex-Plant 30 is a highly efficient combined cycle plant designed for intermediate to continuous duty that is capable of daily cycling at efficiencies of over 57 percent. Using the Siemens SGT6-5000F gas turbine as the prime mover, the plant will supply high power density while requiring a relatively small plant footprint. The Siemens SPPA-T3000 control system will provide an easy-to-use control platform for the entire combined cycle power plant. Additionally, the Siemens SST-900RH steam turbine, along with a Benson-style Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), facilitates fast start-up times, which leads to reduced emissions.

The Flex-Plant 30 technology allows for frequent starting or cycling of the power plant. Its start-up time of 30 minutes or less can result in a carbon monoxide reduction of over 200 tons per year when compared to standard F-class combined cycle plants, which will set a new standard for greenhouse gas emissions for gas-fired combined cycle power plants. Plant start-up times are reduced by up to 50% due to the integration of the following fast-start features, including the three-pressure reheat HRSG with Benson® once-through technology, high capacity steam attemperation and full capacity steam bypass systems, innovative piping warm-up strategies, Siemens' steam turbine stress controller (TSC), modern water treatment system and optimized plant stand-by using auxiliary steam to maintain vacuum.

"Our Flex-Plant 30 technology enables a high level of operating flexibility to react to market opportunities. Shorter plant start-up time, which leads to reduced fuel costs and emissions, is key to enhance the value and environmental compatibility of new power generation assets," said Randy Zwirn, CEO and President of Siemens Energy, Inc.

"The Northern California Power Agency looks forward to the Flex-Plant 30 providing significant benefits to both consumers and our environment due to its high efficiency and substantially lower emissions," said James Pope, General Manager of NCPA.

Combined cycle power plants are an important feature of Siemens' environmental portfolio. In 2008, revenue from products and solutions of Siemens' environmental portfolio was nearly EUR19 billion, which is equivalent to around a quarter of Siemens' total revenue.

The Siemens Energy Sector is the world's leading supplier of a complete spectrum of products, services and solutions for the generation, transmission and distribution of power and for the extraction, conversion and transport of oil and gas. In fiscal 2008 (ended September 30), the Energy Sector had revenues of approximately EUR22.6 billion and received new orders totaling approximately EUR33.4 billion and posted a profit of EUR1.4 billion. On September 30, 2008, the Energy Sector had a work force of approximately 83,500. Further information is available at:

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