Siemens Expands Smart MCC Product Line

ATLANTA -- Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. announced today that it is expanding its TIASTAR Smart Motor Control Center (MCC) product offering to provide seamless integration of this line into customer sites with competitive control systems. Siemens is confident in the superior power and flexibility of the Smart MCC that utilizes the open Profibus-DP network, however, Profibus-DP networking may not be an option in some existing facilities. The gateway solutions are factory installed and programmed in a 12" MCC bucket.

Additionally, Siemens has developed a series of PLC card solutions, which enable easy integration of the Smart MCC to run Profibus-DP through Rockwell or Modicon PLCs. Both solutions have been tested on the full suite of Smart Components in the Tiastar Smart MCC

Combining heavy-duty industrial construction and user friendly features, TIASTAR Smart Motor Control Centers deliver detailed diagnostics and control by communicating with the starter units via PLC/DCS. This enables the overload relays of the starters, linked to the PLCs, to deliver detailed motor management data at previously unheard of speeds. PROFIBUS-DP, the backbone of the system, not only has the performance bandwidth to communicate the large packets of data that a process demands, but also the ability to meet the stringent speed requirements.

The new offering is supported by an application guide titled "Smart MCC Communications" that gives the customer step-by-step integration instructions. End-users will now be able to integrate a Smart MCC that contains market leading technology products for motor control and data collection into almost any existing control system. This means they can upgrade their power distribution while maintaining their existing control system.

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