Side Steer Powered Cart handles long parts and equipment.

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Able to haul loads up to 5,000 lb, Side Steer Powered Cart features variable speed twist grip that allows travel speeds of 0-3 mph both forwards and backwards. Heavy duty 24 or 36 V motors are powered by two or three 12 V batteries and can perform without recharging for entire shift. Ergonomically designed, self-propelled cart is suited for material handling applications where product overhang ends, making it impossible for operator to safely pull or push loads.

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New Side Steer Powered Cart

New Side Steer Powered Cart designed for the handling of long parts and equipment

DJ Products, Inc. of Minneapolis has introduced a new walk behind, self-propelled powered cart for material handling applications where the product or goods overhang the ends of the cart, making it impossible for the operator to safely pull or push the loads from the end of the cart. These loads are generally too heavy for one employee to manually push, making the task unproductive, unsafe, or too cumbersome for a motorized tugger to reach under the product and grab the cart. The side steer powered cart solution allows the operator to easy maneuver these heavy parts from the side of the cart no matter how long the product overhangs.

The new side steer powered carts are ergonomically designed to remove the physical strain from workers' muscles, allowing them to work more efficiently and comfortably. By making a tilt truck adaptable to the worker, a motorized design allows workers of various body types, ages, and physical skills to perform difficult heavy tasks easily and safely. A powered truck maximizes employee performance by eliminating awkward work postures that lead to tired and cramped muscles that erode job performance and lead to disabling injuries. When workers are forced to contort their bodies into less than optimal postures to operate a heavy, non-powered cart, muscles become quickly fatigued. Muscle fatigue leads to slower task completion, inefficient production, and longer and more frequent breaks. And it increases the risk of injuries and strains. A motorized cart eliminates these problems and ensures each worker a safe and comfortable work environment.

Workplace injury and illness costs American businesses $171 billion annually. Workers' compensation claims add another $60 billion to that annual price tag. More than a quarter of those claims are for back injuries from repetitive lifting, pulling, pushing and straining according to the National Council on Compensation Insurance. OSHA reports that back injuries cost U.S. businesses $12 million in lost workdays and $1 billion in compensation costs each year.

Their powered cart can haul loads up to 5,000 lbs. and has a variable speed twist grip that allows the operator to travel at speeds of 0-3 mph both forwards and backwards. DJ Products powered cart has heavy duty 24 or 36-volt motors powered by two or three 12-volt batteries, and can perform without re-charging for an entire shift and can be customized to any application or any production environment.

For more information about applications and environments conducive to a Side Steer Powered Cart, or any heavy cart mover application, call DJProducts at 1-800-686-2651, or visit them at

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