Shuttle Car for Handling Paper Rolls

YORK, Pa., November 18, 2009 - Westfalia Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce its latest shuttle car design for fully automated paper roll handling. Ideal for the printing and publishing industries, this innovative Roll Handling Shuttle Car is designed to smoothly transfer rolls automatically to the line of presses, while avoiding friction and damage to unwrapped paper rolls. It has a maximum load capacity of 4,122 pounds and maximum speed of 262 feet per minute.

A recent Westfalia client, the first in the US, is utilizing this first fully automated roll handling system, using a telescopic fork to lift a roll on and off the shuttle car. Rolls come from storage (AS/RS), have their wrapping removed at a prep station, are oriented to lay down on their side at the lay down station, and are lifted by the telescopic fork onto the shuttle car. The shuttle car moves to the presses and lifts the roll directly onto the press.

The Roll Handling Shuttle Car handles rolls of various widths placed on highly polished stainless steel plates via the telescopic fork. The steel plate rotates slightly to handle rolls of various widths. With the use of an adapter fitting over the steel plates, even small size rolls can be handled, further reducing waste.

The shuttle cars runs along crane rails from the storage out-feed to the presses. To counter any tipping action as the fork reaches out to lift a roll, a third rail is placed in the middle of the traditional two rail design, and an anti-tipping grabber device is used to balance the load.

This Roll Handling Shuttle Car part a complete line of conveyors and shuttle cars available from Westfalia Technologies, Inc. which are often utilized in Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems. To learn more about Westfalia's full line of conveyors for roll, pallet and case handling, please call 800-673-2522, 717-764-1115 or visit

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