Shrimp Cooker allows tray cooking and bulk feeding.

Press Release Summary:

Model FC300 cooks PTO (peeled, tail-on) and other peeled shrimp by allowing infeed of shrimp in trays or in bulk. Forced convection process cooks shrimp at temperatures below 100°C in order to have shrimp retain natural moisture and flavor. Use of cooker also results in reduced curl.

Original Press Release:

Laitram Machinery Brings New Bulk/Tray Cooker to 2005 International Boston Seafood Show

At the International Boston Seafood Show (March 13-15, 2005, Booth 2128), Laitram Machinery will present its new forced convection shrimp cooker, plus a full range of processing solutions for warm and cold water shrimp. Visitors to Booth 2128 can also meet Laitram's new General Manager, Mr. Paul Gariepy.

New Bulk/Tray Shrimp Cooker
Laitram's new FC300 Bulk/Tray Steam Cooker specializes in cooking PTO (peeled, tail-on) and other peeled shrimp by allowing an infeed of shrimp in trays or in bulk. A unit that can cook up to a ½ ton of shrimp per hour will be on display at Booth 2128. The versatile new cooker features a patented forced convection process that cooks shrimp at a lower temperature than the 100°C used by most conventional steam cookers. With this process, shrimp retain more of their natural moisture, protecting yield and preserving flavor.

Main benefits:

o 2 in 1 flexibility: allows tray cooking and bulk feeding
o Yield gain potential
o Higher quality product
o Reduced curl
o Easy to clean and operate

New General Manager
Mr. Paul Gariepy joined Laitram Machinery in October 2004. "We're focused on improving the cash flow and profitability of our customers," he says, adding, "With your input we will strive to improve the efficiency of shrimp processing while improving quality and reliability, and increasing product yield." Mr. Gariepy will be at Booth 2128 to discuss how Laitram solutions can help you improve bottom-line results in your plant.

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Laitram's complete line of Warm Water Shrimp Peeling equipment peels, deveins and grades head-on or headless warm water shrimp, such as Penaeus and Black Tiger. Laitram's Cold Water Shrimp Peeling system cooks, peels and grades cold water shrimp such as Pandalus. For more information about Laitram's shrimp processing solutions, visit Booth 2128 at IBSS, call 800-533-8253 or 504-733-6000, or visit

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