Shock Absorbing Bumpers come in tapped and threaded models.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for factory automation and motion control machinery, Shock Absorbing Bumpers mitigate shock, sound, and vibration caused by moving machine parts as they strike targeted surface. Units combine flexible gel for cushioning with stainless steel core. Offering abrasion and light oil resistance, urethane-based rubber material has Asker F hardness rating of 75. Following compression, bumpers recover original shape, in multiple directions, in 1-2 seconds.

Original Press Release:

Misumi Introduces New Shock Absorbing Bumpers for Automation and Motion Control Machinery

Unique bumper construction combines super flexible gel for superior cushioning, with stainless steel core for added strength and durability.

November 16, 2009 (Schaumburg, IL) - Misumi USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Misumi Corporation, part of Misumi Group, Inc. (Tokyo: 9962), announces the availability of a new type of Shock Absorbing Bumper, designed for use in a host of automated factory automation and motion control machinery and devices. Bumpers are installed to mitigate shock, sound and vibration caused by moving machine parts as they strike the targeted surface.

Now, for the first time, Misumi offers a urethane-based synthetic rubber bumper construction featuring a super flexible gel for superior cushioning and shock absorption, coupled with a stainless steel core, which provides improved strength and durability for longer service life.

The urethane-based rubber material excels in mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and light oil resistance. The shock absorbing gel is extremely soft with an Asker F hardness rating of 75. The major performance advantage provided by the super flexible gel is that it allows the bumper to recover its original shape, in multiple directions, in just one to two seconds following compression.

Misumi's new Shock Absorbing Bumpers are available in two product types:

o Tapped Bumpers (Part GELMR), which come in six variations

o Threaded Bumpers (Part GELMF), which come in three variations

The choice will depend on each user's specific application requirements.

Additional information on Misumi's new Shock Absorbing Bumpers, including technical data, pricing and delivery times, can be found in the Misumi catalog and on the website at

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