Shipping Software eliminates tedious manual tasks.

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PfastCalc/ROIO shipping software uses workflow experts to analyze company's order flow process and improve operations. It reduces number of times shipment is touched, reduces actual time processing shipment at shipping station, automatically completes international documentation, makes out bills-of-ladings, updates host application with shipping data and ship confirm process, and improves customer service by finding information faster.

Original Press Release:

Pfastship Announces Financial Tool

Tool Shows Potential Tremendous Results! $112,000 is the typical first year savings for companies shipping as few as 100 packages per day!

Santa Ana, California, -- December 11, 2001 This powerful financial tool PfastCalc/ROIO in a class of its own, can show you immediately via the web how much you can profit the first year alone by using PfastshipO-2000 shipping supply chain execution software and turn your shipping department into a profit center. you do the math.

In 15 minutes Pfastship can give you a quick snap shot with PfastCalcROI6 the impact Pfastshipa-2000 will have on your bottom line. Pfastship uses workflow experts to analyze a companies order flow process and the PfastCalcROIO translates the analysis into dollars and cents. Companies are finding with PfastCalc/ROI6 the following areas gain the largest cost reduction:

0 Eliminate Touch Points: Every time a shipment is touched cost company money. Pfastship workflow experts suggest changes in the steps required to get a shipment out the door with the sole purpose of reducing the number of times a shipment is touched.

0 Reduce Labor Expense: Reduces the actual time processing a shipment at the shipping station to a matter of seconds.

Reduces the tedious manual and complicated task of completing international documentation is handled automatically.

Bills-of-Ladings will be completed automatically, replacing the tedious and manual task.

Pfastshipa-2000 will interact live with your Host Application and thus eliminate the manual task of updating the Host Application with shipping data and the ship confirm process.

Handles the "host ship confirm" process automatically.

0 Improves Customer Service: The shipment information customers require is accessible in seconds instead of minutes or even sometimes hours.

0 Replace Carrier Supplied System: As carriers become more aware of a company's ability to "rate shop", the carriers become more sensitive to a company's rates and discounts. Historically, clients have received unsolicited offers for lower shipping rates from these carriers.

Respond at for a free PfastCalc/ROIO analysis of your company. Pfastshipa-2000 is a leader in software shipping solutions with over 100 interface templates to choose from, allowing seamless integration with all custom and major Order Entry, WMS and ERP Systems, including accounting, catalog and warehouse software providers. Some of it's loyal clients are: Harley-Davidson,, Starbucks Coffee, General Binding Corporation, Airwair (Dr. Marten Shoes), Paramount Cards, Avery Dennison, and Bausch & Lomb.

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