Shipping Racks feature folding corner posts.

Press Release Summary:

On steel shipping racks, Folding Corner Posts allow corner to be positioned in 3 different planes while staying attached to rack. First position is with corner post folded onto deck surface. In second position, corner is folded outward from deck, parallel to deck length. Third position enables corner to be placed to vertical for product protection when stacked. Deck can be designed for almost any product that needs to be moved from one place to another or stored in warehouse.

Original Press Release:

Corner Folds 3 Ways

Corner posts on steel shipping racks have been in existence for many decades. They perform the basic function of allowing products placed on the rack deck protection from vertical load damage when the racks are stacked. The basic designs have been rigid, folding, or removable.

The option of folding or removing the corner posts provides an improvement in the number of racks that may be efficiently moved or stored. This is ideal for returning the racks in closed loop situations, and has increased the usage of steel racks in many markets. Folding is preferred over removable corners which can lead to lost corners.

The new generation of folding corner posts has been introduced that will allow the corner to be positioned in 3 different planes, while staying attached to the rack:

1st position is with the corner post folded onto the deck surface

2nd position is to be able to fold the corner outward from the deck, parallel to the deck length

3rd position is to be able to place the corner to vertical for product protection when stacked

Te deck can be designed for almost any product needing to be moved from one place to another, or stored in warehouse. The deck surface is totally available for design. Load sizes can be “pushed” to the max of the deck size extreme and the corners will be clear for loading along with up righting for shipping.

An advantage of folding the corner down along the deck length is to open the deck surface for customized designs;

1. Flat materials, such as cartons or even other pallets.

2. The deck may also be designed to hold rolls of material in cradles

3. Rolls of material suspended on end boards with adjustable end stops

4. Bulk bagged materials

The above rack configurations are the beginning of what is sure to be a long list of applications to benefit from newly developed corner post, named “Tringe”. Tringe is the acronym for the 3 planes traveled by in this Patent Pending hinged system.

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