Shipping Crates are reusable and collapsible.

Press Release Summary:

Made from plywood and exempt from ISPM-15 import/export regulations, Quick-Crates(TM) are certified by US Army Defense Ammunition Center for transportation of live ammunition (4,000 lb/crate). They are suited for automotive and aerospace applications, when products must be loaded/unloaded on assembly line, as design allows full product access from top or any side. To optimize space utilization, crates can be stacked when in use or collapsed to 9 in. high when not in use.

Original Press Release:

Quick Crate a Green Packaging Manufacturer Introduces a Reusable, Collapsible Crate Shipping Container System

George League, Vice President of Quick Crate said, "Our initial response has been very encouraging. Many of our new customers experience significant cost savings by utilizing our returnable crates." Mr. League said he believes that Quick-Crate sets the "international standard" for collapsible, re-usable crates.

Quick Crates are made entirely from plywood and Quick-Crate products are exempt from ISPM-15 import/export regulations. Quick-Crate has been certified by the U.S. Army's Defense Ammunition Center for transportation of live ammunition (4,000 lbs per crate). Automotive and aerospace applications benefit from using Quick Crates when products must be loaded or unloaded on the assembly line; as the unique design of Quick-Crate allows full product access from the top or any side of the box.

Quick-Crate is engineered for phenomenal strength, which allows loaded crates to be stacked to maximize warehouse storage or trailer capacity. When not in use, the reusable shipping crates collapse to a height of 9" which, again, increases warehouse efficiency and minimizes return freight costs.

Quick-Crate is a certified, woman owned, small business and a licensed trademark of GF League Company Inc., which recently celebrated its 90th year in business.

For more information on Quick-Crate, please contact:
Fraser League
League Manufacturing Company

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