Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Announces Product Launches, Presentations and Poster Sessions for Pittcon 2012

COLUMBIA, Md., February 29, 2012 - Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc. (SSI) will showcase several products, host poster sessions, and present on the latest applications of UHPLC, LC/MS and GC/MS at the Pittcon 2012 conference and exhibition, March 11-15, at the Orange County Convention Center (Booth 1806) in Orlando, Fla.

"Historically, Shimadzu has showcased its innovation and expertise at Pittcon, proving our commitment to instrument users across various analytical fields," said Kevin McLaughlin, SSI senior marketing communications coordinator. "This year's product showcase ranges from the latest in TOC and particle size analyzers to ultra high performance liquid chromatography to UV-Vis spectroscopy, further solidifying Shimadzu's role in the future of analytical instrumentation."

Product Showcase

o Nexera MP UHPLC with SIL-30ACMP Autosampler

o Perfinity Integrated Digestion Platform


o UV-2600/2700 UV-Vis Spectrophotometers

o SALD-2300 Particle Size Analyzer

o TOC-4200 Analyzer

o LabSolutions DB Software for LC/GC Data Management


o "Evaluation of Nano Materials Dispersion and Agglomeration" by Gilbert Vial

o "Fermentation Monitoring in Bioethanol Production: A Trainer's Perspective on Calibration" by Jim Mott

Poster Sessions

Shimadzu will be hosting multiple poster presentations covering such techniques as GC-MS, UV-Vis spectrophotometry and UHPLC in various industries, including environmental, pharmaceutical and chemical. Posters include:

o Improvement of ASTM D-5769 by GCMS High Concentration Tuning and Automated Data Processing

o High-Speed Analysis for Amino Acids Using OPA-FMOC Auto-Precolumn Derivatization

o Combining Methods CAN/CGSB-3.0 and ASTM D-5580 in a Single GC Platform

o Effects of Sample Pretreatment Procedures on the Precision of Determination of Phthalate Esters in Child Care Products by GC-MS

o Characterization of Light Emitting Diodes and Compact Fluorescent Lamps by UV-Visible Spectrophotometry

o GC-MS System Equipped with Multi-Purpose Injector

o Simultaneous Determination of Main Ingredient and Its Counter-ions by RPLCxIC

o Analysis of Keto-Enol Tautomers of Curcumin by Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange LC/MS

o Cleaning Validation: Did You Make the Right Choice of Techniques?

o Improvement of Efficiency for the Method Development in the Laboratory

o Increasing the Throughput of UHPLC

o Rapid and Convenient Determination for the Multi-Elements of LiFePO4/C Composite Li-Ion Batteries by TOC and ICP-AES

o Applying Japanese Pharmacopeia Purity Test Methods to Atrovastatin Calcium Hydrate Impurity Profiling Using 2D-LCMS-IT-TOF System

o High-Speed Analysis of Mycotoxins

o Determination of Four Marine Toxins in Shellfish by Ultra-Fast Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

o Fraction Collector for Micro-Scale Size-Exclusive Chromatography Separation Followed by Pyrolysis/Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Analysis

For more information on Shimadzu's products, presentations and poster sessions, or to arrange an interview with a Shimadzu representative at Pittcon, contact Debra Yemenijian at or (610) 269-2100, ext. 224.

About Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) is the American subsidiary of Shimadzu Corp., headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. Founded in 1875, Shimadzu is a $2 billion multinational corporation with three major divisions: Medical Diagnostics, Aerospace/Industrial and Analytical Instruments. The Analytical Instruments division is one of the world's largest manufacturers of analytical instrumentation and environmental monitoring equipment. In 1975, SSI corporate headquarters was established in Columbia, Md., to provide analytical solutions to laboratories in North, Central and parts of South America. In the United States, SSI has a network of more than 50 locations providing local and regional sales, service and technical support. Visit for more information.

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