Shielded Flexible Conduits protect circuits from EMI/RFI.

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UL-Listed Type SLA(TM) has flexible steel conduit with galvanized steel core and tinned copper shielding braid. Latter offers 90% min shielding coverage, and flexible PVC jacket has -20 to +60°C rating. Offering waterproof raceway when assembled with liquid-tight fittings, -55 to +105°C rated Type EMS(TM) has PVC jacket extruded over flexible core of helically wound, fully interlocked strip of bronze. Rated -55 to +105°C, Type EMCS(TM) utilizes bronze core, PVC jacket, and tinned copper braid.

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Electri-Flex Announces SHIELD-FLEX(TM) EMI/RFI Shielding Conduits

Electri-Flex Company announces changes to their line of shielded flexible conduits. SHIELD-FLEX(TM) represents a line of three shielded conduits, SLA(TM), EMS(TM) and EMCS(TM), that were formally known as LAS, EMS and EMSP respectively. SHIELD-FLEX(TM) is designed to protect sensitive electronic circuits from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) in applications such as communications, radar and data transmission. These products accept industry standard liquidtight connectors and address the problems of assembly and grounding. All versions can be manufactured with halogen-free jacketing material, using a HF prefix.

  • Good Shielding: Type SLA(TM), UL Listed, is a flexible steel conduit with a galvanized steel core, over which a tinned copper shielding braid is applied. The outer jacket is flexible PVC with a temperature rating of -20° to 60° C while the braid offers a minimum of 90% shielding coverage.
  • Better Shielding: Type EMS(TM) offers a better shielding effectiveness than Type SLA with a temperature rating of -55° C to 105° C. EMS features a flexible core constructed of a helically wound, fully interlocked strip of bronze. An all-temperature PVC jacket is extruded over the core, resulting in a sealed, waterproof raceway when assembled with liquidtight fittings.
  • BEST Shielding: Type EMCS(TM) is a hybrid of SLA and EMS because it utilizes the same bronze core and PVC jacket as EMS but gets further screening protection from a tinned copper braid as found in the SLA product. Type EMCS offers the same working temperatures as EMS.

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