Sherex Fastening Solutions is Issued RIV-FLOAT® Patent

May 28, 2010- Sherex Fastening Solutions, an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of blind rivet nuts announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent number 7,713,011 covering the Sherex technology of its innovative rivet nut, RIV-FLOAT® with internally floating threads.

The patent covers the technology in a fastener assembly having marginal end portion of body deformed about captured nut. The announcement comes just a year and half after the initial launch of RIV-FLOAT® to the marketplace. "The vision here at Sherex Fastening Solutions has always been to become a worldwide leader in the manufacture, design and distribution of blind rivet nuts and specialty fasteners. Because of the competitive nature of our business, we are focused on utilizing our superior engineering and manufacturing capabilities to solve our customers fastening problems. RIV-FLOAT® solves the issue of attaching components in off center applications" said Adam Pratt, Vice-President of Sherex Fastening Solutions.

The internally floating threads on RIV-FLOAT® allow for component attachments in off center applications and can accommodate for tolerance stack up in the manufacturing process. The floating nut (.020" radial float) aligns to drive the angle of the screw virtually eliminating cross threading and spin-out. RIV-FLOAT® was designed for installation post finish in applications where cage nuts, clinch nuts, floating nut plates or weld nuts are typically used.

To download a 3D CAD Model of an "as installed state" RIV-FLOAT® model into your design, please visit

Sherex Fastening Solutions is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of Sherex blind rivet nuts, brass inserts, and other specialty fastening products. Sherex rivet nuts are ideal for providing load-bearing threads in thin materials and blind applications. All blind rivet nuts and brass inserts are manufactured by our own TS16949 production facility and we provide unsurpassed customer service and support before and after the sale. For additional information on RIV-FLOAT® and the entire line of Sherex brand fasteners, including distributors in your area, please contact Sherex at 866-474-3739 or visit our website at

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