Sheet Monitor feeds one sheet at a time.

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Model DB 12 ultrasonic transmitter, matching receiver, and evaluation unit detect when printing and paper processing machines pull in more than 1 sheet of paper, carton, or plastic. Transmitter and receiver come with M18-housing, and are 25 mm long, making them suitable for mounting even when space is limited.

Original Press Release:


Printing and paper processing machines must not pull in more than one sheet of paper, carton or plastic at a time. If this should occur the machine components could be severely damaged. This is where the automatic monitoring system can help.

Leuze-Lumiflex offers a complete family of such monitoring systems using various technologies for various applications. The new Leuze-Lumiflex system DB 12 even works with outstanding reliability where optoelectronic and capacitive systems usually face their limits.

An ultrasonic transmitter and the matching receiver are the key components of the system together with their evaluation unit. Both transmitter and receiver come with an M18-housing and are only 25 mm long. They are ideal to mount or refit even when space is very limited. Leuze's second new double sheet monitoring system DB 14, using an additional capacitive sensor will be available soon. This technology even allows the detection of corrugated paper.

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