Sheet Metal Profiler produces medical device components.

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Capable of cutting material up to 5.0 mm thick, ES-CUT150 150 W Pulsed YAG Laser can be configured to produce kerf width of 18 µm, enabling high precision cutting and profiling with minimal burr formation. Material to be processed is manipulated under fixed laser optics by Baldor brushless, servo-driven X-Y table, which has 400 x 400 mm work envelope. Offering accuracy of ±10 µm and speeds up to 35.0 mm/sec, system can be set up by importing CAD data of part to be produced.

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ES Technology Limited Develop a Compact Precision Profiler for Thin Sheet Metal

When we hear the term - Laser Profiling and Cutting of Sheet Metal - we immediately think of very expensive, large gantry systems aimed at processing thick metal components and offering only modest precision.

The medical device industry however, requires smaller more compact components to be produced with high degrees of accuracy. ES Technology Limited has designed a compact, high precision and competitively priced system which fulfils the requirements for the production of a broad range of medical device components.

ES-CUT150 - designed for medical component production

ES Technology's new ES-CUT150 system has been designed around the wide range of metals typically used in the production of medical device components including Stainless Steels, Titanium, Aluminium, Gold, Silver and Brass. Capable of cutting material up to 5.0mm thick, the 150 Watt Pulsed YAG Laser can be configured to produce a kerf width of only 18µm, enabling high precision cutting and profiling with minimal burr formation.

The material to be processed is manipulated under the fixed laser optics by a Baldor brushless - servo driven X-Y table, which has a 400mm x 400mm work envelope. With an accuracy of +/-10µm and speeds of up to 35.0mm/second the system can cut and profile high quality components at high speeds. A micrometer adjustment facility allows the processing head to be set to the optimum height for the material thickness being cut at the time, and appropriate air assist gasses can be introduced via attachments to the processing head. Additional options such as a honeycomb mounting base and extraction unit, are also available to remove any fine dust created during cutting,
(Example of a Saw Blade - Laser Profiled)

The ES-CUT150 system is configured as a fully integrated stand-alone machine with a Class 1 enclosure, allowing safe operation at all times. The system can be quickly set up by importing CAD data of the part to be produced, and the machine software will accept common CAD formats such as DXF. ES has also developed a bespoke operator user interface for the PC based control system, enabling intuitive machine setting and operation.

(ES Technology - ES-CUT150 Laser Cutting & Profiling System)

In addition to the design and manufacture of laser marking and cutting systems, ES Technology Limited supplies the full range of Universal Laser Systems products within the UK and Ireland and also provides sub-contract laser cutting, engraving and marking services, after sales service and parts. ES Technology is also the sole UK and Ireland distributor for Concept Laser GmbH LaserCUSING® Systems.

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