Shear Wrench helps minimize operator fatigue.

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Electrically powered Model DL-537E utilizes outer socket to engage nut and inner socket to engage bolt. Two sockets rotate in counter force allowing nut to turn while bolt remains stationary, preventing torque from passing to operator. DISC-LOCK tension control bolt is available in hex head and button head configurations, both using DISC-LOCK locking nut. Free-spinning and vibration-proof, self-locking nut solves problem of fastener failure.

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DISC-LOCK International Introduces New Shear Wrench

DISC-LOCK is now a one-stop-shop for their shear wrench and tension control bolt technology.

Culver City, Calif. - November 3, 2009 - DISC-LOCK International today announced the availability of their new shear wrench and tension control bolt product line.

"I have been in the fastener business for 29 years and am pleased that we now manufacture our own shear wrench and tension control bolt," said Alistair McKinlay, Chairman of DISC-LOCK International. "We are applying our patented DISC-LOCK technology solutions to this important product combination," added McKinlay.

"One of the key advantages to our own manufacturing capability is the reduced cost to our customers. Our new shear wrench will sell for much less than what is currently available on the market." said Greg White, Vice President of DISC-LOCK International.

The DISC-LOCK shear wrench model DL-537E is electric and light-weight compared to hydraulic wrenches. This translates into a one-man operation, saving installation cost. The unique design of the DISC-LOCK shear wrench uses an outer socket that engages the nut while the inner socket engages the bolt. The two sockets rotate in counter force allowing the nut to turn while the bolt remains stationary. This counter force operation allows no torque to pass to the operator, reducing fatigue that can cause carpal tunnel syndrome which is a compensable injury and not desirable.

The DISC-LOCK tension control bolt is available in hex head and button head configurations and both use the DISC-LOCK locking nut. The hex head version, when combined with the DISC-LOCK locking nut, is easily removed and can be reused. Other manufacturer's bolts are not reusable because they must be burned or cut to be removed, thus destroying the bolt.

DISC-LOCK tension control bolts are produced with full factory mill certifications and lot identification marked on the head of each bolt. Tension control bolts meet all AISC requirements and specifications of A.S.T.M.

The DISC-LOCK locking nut is a free spinning, vibration proof locking nut, specifically designed to solve the problem of fastener failure. It is a heavy duty, structural self-locking product, which prevents loosening caused by shock or vibration in high stress applications.

This fastening system is reusable with no performance degradation from repeated use. It provides greater reliability through preset tension and does not require tool calibration, eliminating operator error. The FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) has approved DISC-LOCK products for use in railroad equipment applications.

About DISC-LOCK International

DISC-LOCK International, headquartered in Culver City, Calif., manufactures a complete range of safety fastening solutions for transportation, industry and the military including trucks, trailers, buses and wind turbines and towers. DISC-LOCK products include; Safety Wheel Nut, Vibration Proof Locking Nut, Truck Frame Fastening System, Rail Car Fastening System, Armor Fastening System, Shear Wrench and Locking Washers. Established in 1980, DISC-LOCK International distributes to all 50 states in the U.S. and 31 countries worldwide.

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