Shear Strength Analyzer determines bilayer tablet integrity.

Press Release Summary:

Used with CT3 Texture Analyzer to assess tablet integrity, Bilayer Tablet Shear Fixture enables measurement of separation properties of compressed bi-layer tablets. For operation, user inserts tablet into cavity in fixture so tablet layers lie in plane of guillotine-like blade. During test, blade exerts increasing force on tablet until component layers are sheared apart. Max shearing force indicates of adhesion strength between tablet components.

Original Press Release:

NEW! Bilayer Tablet Shear Fixture Helps Analyzer Tablet Integrity

Brookfield announces the availability of a new fixture for measuring the separation properties of compressed bi-layer tablets. The Bilayer Tablet Shear fixture is used with the CT3 Texture Analyzer to quickly analyzer tablet integrity. A tablet is inserted into a cavity in the fixture so that the tablet layers lie in the plane of a guillotine-like blade. During the test the blade exerts an increasing force on the tablet until the component layers are sheared apart. The maximum shearing force is regarded as an indicator of the adhesion strength between the tablet components.

The Bilayer Table Shear Fixture is designed for Brookfield's CT3 Texture Analyzer, the most powerful, lowest cost, stand-alone Texture Analyzer ever produced. It features both compression and tension modes which allow manufacturers to complete a wide range of tests. In addition to their current variety of text fixtures, Brookfield works with customers to develop custom equipment for their specific texture measurement applications.

For more information about Brookfield's CT3 and the Bilayer Tablet Shear Fixture, visit or call 800.628.8139 (USA and Canada) or 508.946.6200.

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