Shaw Development and Parker Hannifin Market On-Vehicle DEF Reservoir and Fluid Transfer Systems

March 2009, Ravenna, OH - Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technology, and Shaw Development, LLC of Bonita Springs, Florida, a leader in fluid management systems for heavy duty vehicles, have agreed to cooperatively market diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) reservoir systems, complete with heated hose systems for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, on a variety of mobile platforms. Shaw will utilize their expertise in the design, test and manufacturing of integrated tank assemblies. Parker Hannifin's Parflex Division will utilize their expertise in heated hoses for DEF transfer. Other ancillary products including coolant valves, coolant tees, filler necks, strainers, and breathers will also be co-marketed.

SCR systems introduce DEF into the combustion/exhaust streams of internal combustion engines and reduce the amount of harmful exhaust gases such as nitrous oxide (NOx) entering the atmosphere as a result of combustion. NOx, in combination with other gasses, contributes to the formation of ground level ozone, acid rain and particulate contamination of the atmosphere. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, internal combustion engines are responsible for 49 percent of NOx emissions which contribute to green house gases and global warming.

Shaw Development was a sister company to the former Shaw Aero Devices prior to Aero's acquisition by Parker in 2007. This agreement between Parker Hannifin and Shaw Development provides components from multiple Parker businesses into Shaw designed and integrated systems, which will be marketed by both companies.

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