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Shatter Resistant Window Film protects building occupants.

Press Release Summary:

Jun 09, 2014 - Cut to size of customer's windows, Blast Armor Window Film helps minimize damage caused by shattered glass and prevents building access to malicious people. Once applied, film immediately creates flexible, permanent barrier that will prevent shards from flying. In addition, film blocks out most UV rays, preventing sun from causing carpeting and upholstery damage, and reducing heat transfer by up to 7%. Applications include schools, government buildings, businesses, and residential buildings.

Original Press Release

Surface Armor LLC Introduces Blast Armor(TM), a Shatter Resistant Window Film to Protect Building Occupants and Property

Press release date: May 30, 2014

ROCKWALL, Texas -- Surface Armor has delivered temporary surface protection solutions to manufacturers, distributors and home owners for over 8 years from their Rockwall, Texas, distribution and operations center. Surface Armor is now providing advanced safety and security solutions in the form of Blast Armor, a shatter-resistant window film that is designed to protect building occupants and property.

"Glass windows, while necessary and desirable, also create a weak link regarding people's safety and property security," says Surface Armor owner and CEO, Rick Pietrykowski. "Most people aren't aware of how dangerous glass becomes once it's been shattered. A sheet of glass that has become shattered instantly transforms into thousands of razor-sharp daggers, ready to pierce the skin, causing serious and sometimes fatal injuries."

In today's turbulent world, the deliberate, malicious acts of unstable people, terrorists and fanatics often over-shadow the randomly occurring destructive acts of nature. Blast Armor helps to minimize damage caused by shattered glass from either source, as well as prevent building access to malicious people intent upon harming others.

Blast Armor anti-shatter film offers a permanent, easy-to-install barrier that instantly creates safety in unexpected scenarios. The film is cut to fit the size of the customer's windows. After it's applied, it will immediately create a flexible barrier that will prevent glass shards from flying. Surface Armor offers this technology to protect schools, government buildings, businesses and residential buildings.

Beyond the safety features that Blast Armor provides, it can also provide property owners with aesthetic and energy-saving features. The film blocks out most UV rays, preventing the sun from causing carpeting and upholstery damage. In addition, the film reduces heat transfer by up to 7%. This will allow property owners to save money on their monthly energy bill, particularly during the summer months.

"We've served our customers with a variety of custom-manufactured products and distributed them all over the world. Our location near the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth area allows us to take advantage of major transportation hubs, which in turn allows us to deliver orders, quickly. In fact, it's not uncommon for us to ship complete orders, for next day delivery, on the same day that we receive the order," says Pietrykowski. "We're a family-owned company. We believe in providing our customers and our distribution partners with care, respect, and integrity. We do this by providing our customers with cost-effective solutions that are practical and safe, while improving the customer's quality of work and life."

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