Sharpening Stones are double-sided.

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Available in 2 x 6 in. or 3 x 8 in. configurations, Solid Surface Double-Sided Bench Sharpening Stones provide 2 different grits in same tool. Products employ bonding process that embeds industrial-grade diamond particles in stainless steel alloy to metal substrate, yielding 72 Rockwell C hardness. Any combination of 5 standard grits is available: 1,200 grit Superfine, 600 grit Fine, 400 grit Medium, 250 grit Coarse, or 150 grit Extra Coarse.

Original Press Release:

Two Sharpeners in One!

Eze-Lap(TM) Introduces Industry-First Solid Surface Double-Sided Bench Sharpening Stones

Eze-Lap(TM), the company that has defined-and re-defined-diamond abrasive sharpening products for nearly three decades, is proud to unveil yet another industry first: its new Double-Sided Bench Stones. This innovative product provides two different grits in the same tool, doubling its versatility, while saving space, too.

The new Double-Sided Bench Stones employ Eze-Lap's patented diamond bonding process. This heat treatment embeds the highest-quality, industrial-grade diamond particles in a stainless steel alloy to a precision-matched metal substrate, yielding an incredible 72 on the Rockwell C hardness scale. This means that the Double-Sided Bench Stones can hone a perfect edge on all knives and tools - even those of carbide, ceramic, tool steel, and the newer stainless steels used by most major knife manufacturers today.

As its name implies, the Double-Sided Bench Stones have not one, but two sharpening surfaces; simply flip the tool over to reveal its alternate surface. Any combination is available from Eze-Lap's five standard grits: 1200-grit Superfine, 600-grit Fine, 400-grit Medium, 250-grit Coarse, or 150-grit Extra Coarse. (Extra Coarse is excellent for fast metal removal, while Superfine can hone a mirror finish.) The different grits are color-coded, too, making it easy to quickly choose the desired sharpening surface.

The Double-Sided Bench Stones are available in either two-by-six-inch or three-by-eight-inch configurations. All are proudly made in the U.S.A.

For more information about the Double-Sided Bench Stones, or any of the company's other innovative products contact: Eze-Lap Diamond Products, Inc., o 3572 Arrowhead Drive, Dept. P, Carson City, NV 89706 o Telephone: (775) 888-9500 o Fax: (775) 888-9555 o Or visit

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