Shaft Seal Ring targets electric drive vehicles.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring electrically conductive nonwoven material, Simmering Seal helps protect electric drive vehicle systems from damage. Product allows axle drives to be reliably sealed while draining off electrical charge that normally builds up on drive shaft, safely conducting it to housing. In this way, seal prevents static charge from traveling along shaft into transmission and damaging machine elements as result of dielectric breakdown.

Original Press Release:

Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies Announces New Simmerring® Shaft Seal Ring for Vehicles with Electric Drive

Conductive nonwoven material protects drive systems from damage

PLYMOUTH, Mich. — For nearly 90 years, the Freudenberg Simmerring® Shaft Seal has been a synonym for reliable shaft sealing. With its innovative designs, it has helped to shape technological change like no other sealing element. Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies’ application-oriented, advanced development of the Simmerring product line is evident in its latest innovation– a Simmerring seal featuring electrically conductive nonwoven material to help protect electric drive vehicle systems from damage.

For decades, the Simmering seal has been the only sealing element that ideally combines effective sealing, longevity and cost-effectiveness – and in many applications, handling tasks beyond its sealing function. This new Simmerring seal plays a crucial role when it comes to sealing shafts reliably and economically while handling the additional job of safely draining off any build-up of static electricity.

This Simmerring seal was especially developed for vehicles with electric drives. It allows axle drives to be sealed extremely reliably, plus it drains off the electrical charge that normally builds up on the drive shaft, safely conducting it to the housing. In this way, the seal prevents the static charge from traveling along the shaft into the transmission and damaging machine elements as a result of dielectric breakdown.

Nonwovens make Simmerring seals conductive

Traditionally, transmission input shaft seals are enhanced with a conductive nonwoven on the air side. The nonwoven creates a conductive bridge between the shaft and the housing or grounding to safely drain off any static charges. This means that manufacturers of drive components in electric vehicles now have a proven method to seal shafts while conducting away electrical charges. As a result, they no longer need additional measures to discharge the electrical build-up.

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