Shaft is suitable for differential winding applications.

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Enabling converters to run multiple width cores on same shaft, Roll Lock Differential Shaft uses GlideLock(TM) Clutched Rollers to control web tension applied to sensitive materials regardless of core width or positioning. Eliminating need for hammers and spacers, rollers move freely and feature external roller bearings to aid lateral core motion during loading/unloading. When shaft is actuated, rollers lock firmly and hold cores in place.

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A Unique Twist: New High-Tech Shaft Showcases Innovative Approach to Differential Winding

WHARTON, New Jersey - November 20, 2006 - As has traditionally been the case with
differential winding, it is a difficult and sensitive application which requires a skilled operator.

With the introduction of its new Air Roll Lock Differential Shaft design, Convertech, Inc. now offers converters a simple, effective way to run multiple width cores on the same shaft without the issues typically associated with differential winding.
Using a patented system of GlideLock(TM) Clutched Rollers to control web tension with
perfection, Convertech's Differential Shaft can precisely control the tension applied to sensitive materials. Because the GlideLock(TM) rollers automatically sense the presence of the cores, converters can have many different width cores on the same shaft. The shaft will automatically control the tension regardless of core width or positioning on the shaft.

Traditional differential shaft loading and unloading methods have always been difficult, dangerous, and time-consuming. Convertech's GlideLock(TM) rollers have completely changed this process and have eliminated the need for hammers, spacers, and cones. GlideLock(TM) Clutched Rollers move freely and feature external roller bearings to facilitate lateral core motion during loading and unloading. Once the shaft is actuated, the rollers lock firmly and hold the cores in place.

With the advent of GlideLock(TM) Clutched Rollers, Convertech has introduced a shaft which is rapidly changing the way converters wind sensitive materials on multiple width cores. By overcoming the traditional downfalls of differential winding, Convertech has given converters an efficient, effective, and reliable way to substantially increase their productivity.

For over a quarter century Convertech has been the leader in exceptionally fast lead time with superior engineering and quality built into every expanding shaft and chuck. With its competitors extended delivery time of as much as sixteen weeks Convertech, Inc.'s faster delivery time will always keep you up and running.

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