SGS Herguth Leads the Way in Grease Analysis and Testing

Vallejo, Calif. – SGS Herguth Laboratories, an independent laboratory and industry leader in oil analysis and compatibility testing, is also unmatched when it comes to grease analysis and testing.

SGS Herguth has seen its grease analysis and testing business grow in recent years, as customers in the transportation sector, the wind-energy sector, and industrial applications realize the importance of monitoring wear degradation and contamination of their equipment.

Instruments such as gear boxes, valves and bearings need to constantly be monitored to ensure they're working properly with other equipment in which they're interacting with.

"Our grease conditioning and monitoring package gives customers the opportunity to evaluate their equipment over the course of time," said Mindy Villalba of SGS Herguth. "The program will offer indications of necessary action and will provide information as to whether any mechanical changes have improved the equipment/grease condition."

Grease analysis is a valuable diagnostic tool for condition monitoring. Samples of grease are either submitted individually for evaluation of a special problem or over time to establish a baseline for use as a predictive maintenance tool. 

The rates of contamination ingress, additive depletion, grease degradation and wear rates can be monitored when trending grease analysis results over time and comparing these results to new grease. Knowing these critical characteristics, one can make intelligent maintenance decisions and be assured that the right steps are being taken to protect critical investments.

In addition to testing for degradation, contamination and wear, SGS Herguth aids in grease sampling as well, working hard to help customers find the perfect compatibility match for their equipment.

For more information about SGS Herguth Laboratories, visit their website at or call 1-888-HERGUTH (1-888-437-4884)


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