SF-GGP-H Frequency Solid Sate Welder offers up to 85% efficiency.

Press Release Summary:

Equipped with main transformer, rectifier cabinet, operator cabinet, output cabinet and heat exchanger, SF-GGP-H Frequency Solid Sate Welder features a primary voltage of 480V, 3PH, 60 Hz and 450 KVA rating. Product delivers 300 KW and 300 KHz output power and frequency.

Original Press Release:

300 KW High Frequency Solid Sate Welder

Equipped With: Main Transformer, Rectifier Cabinet, Operator Cabinet, Output Cabinet, Heat Exchanger

Model Number:

SF-GGP-H Solid State

Age: NEW


  • Primary Volts: 480V, 3PH, 60 Hz
  • Primary Power: 450 KVA
  • Output Power: 300 KW
  • Output Frequency: 300 KHz
  • Machine Efficiency: 82% - 85%

Equipped With:

  • Main Transformer
  • Rectifier Cabinet
  • Operator Cabinet
  • Output Cabinet
  • Heat Exchanger

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