SF-100 Used for Micro-Numbering of Individual Die and Other Components

St. Petersburg, Florida, April 27, 2006: Intelligent Micro Patterning, LLC, St. Petersburg, Florida, announced a new, unique application of the SF-100 system for micro-numbering of individual components. The SF-100 is a unique, maskless photolithography system that utilizes patented Smart Filter technology, licensed by Intelligent Micro Patterning, LLC from the University of South Florida. Smart Filter technology incorporates proprietary, cutting-edge, micro-optical techniques to rapidly project master images directly onto diverse substrate materials, such as quartz, ceramics, and plastics, without the use of photomasks.

Dr. Jay Sasserath, the Company's Chief Executive Officer, stated, "This is a very unique application for the SF-100 system. We have seen interest in the application from silicon wafer fabricators for individual die marking, military electronic suppliers for providing traceability of electronic components, and high value added parts suppliers for serialization of these items. By combining the ability to quickly pattern in the meso-scale region without photomasks, users can place unique markings in areas on devices that were not possible in the past. Additionally, through the implementation of easy to use software routines, the user can provide a unique serial number or other identifiers allowing for more complete device traceability and tracking."

More details on this application can be found by downloading Technical Publication 206, Individaul Die Numbering for Chip Level Identification and Tracking, from the Downloads page of the Intelligent Micro Patterning website, http:// www.intelligentmp.com/Downloads.htm.

Intelligent Micro Patterning, LLC
Jay Sasserath
email: jays@intelligentmp.com
phone: (727) 522-0334

For More Information, see the Intelligent Micro Patterning Website at www.intelligentmp.com

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