Severn Trent Services to Showcase Latest Water Reuse, Desalination Pre-Treatment, and Other Treatment Technologies at Saudi Water and Power Forum

FORT WASHINGTON, Pa. USA - Severn Trent Services, a leading global supplier of water and wastewater treatment solutions, will be attending the Saudi Water and Power Forum 2011 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, from 4-6 December. The company will be featuring its innovative solutions for water reuse and desalination applications at stand H14.

According to Marwan Nesicolaci, Severn Trent Services' vice president for international business development and sales, "The Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, represents the world's largest market for water reuse and desalination technologies. Severn Trent has recently won a number of contracts for a range of our treatment solutions to support reuse and desalination applications in the region. The Saudi Water and Power Forum is the foremost platform for business in the water and power sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and an excellent conference for us to showcase our innovative developments in water and wastewater treatment."

Visitors to the Severn Trent Services stand H14 can obtain information about the company's proven technologies designed to provide operational innovation, cost efficiency and regulatory compliance.

A world leader in tertiary treatment systems

Severn Trent Services is one of the world leaders in tertiary treatment technologies. The TETRA® DeepBed(TM) filtration system is a down flow sand filter for the filtration of effluent from municipal wastewater treatment plants. The technology offers process flexibility and high efficiency backwash for the removal of suspended solids and other insoluble contaminants. For nitrate-nitrogen and suspended solids removal, the process is easily upgraded to the TETRA® Denite® system, a fixed-film biological denitrification process. TETRA Denite and TETRA DeepBed filters represent more than 10 percent of the world's capacity for wastewater reuse systems.

Membrane filtration systems

Severn Trent Services offers UAT(TM) reverse osmosis (RO) membrane filtration systems to meet any tap, brackish or seawater application need. Using high quality components, the skid-mounted UAT systems are engineered to effectively produce treated water free of particulate matter or contaminants. Available accessories for UAT systems include backwash systems for media filtration, chemical dosing systems, clean-in-place systems and media filtration systems.

Underdrain filters for drinking water applications

Severn Trent Services offers the TETRA® LP Block(TM), a dual-parallel lateral underdrain filter floor for RGF and GAC filters, for use in water filtration or pre-treatment at desalination applications. The LP Block is extremely popular with plant owners for its low headloss, lightweight construction and easy installation. The system provides excellent distribution of both backwash air and water to offer more efficient bed cleaning and lower operating costs.

Electrochlorination technology

Severn Trent Services is a leading supplier of electrochlorination technology, offering a range of brine or seawater systems that provide a reliable, cost-effective and safe alternative disinfection treatment method for municipal and industrial applications.

ClorTec® systems generate a 0.8 percent sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution that is stable and easy to feed. ClorTec systems eliminate the need to transport hazardous chemicals and store them on site. The systems also reduce risks by eliminating the production of disinfection byproducts, helping to provide water that is free of pathogens.

SEACLOR® seawater electrochlorination systems are the standard and preferred electrochlorination unit for biofouling control in power plants, cooling towers, liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals and desalination facilities, as well as coastal installations using seawater for cooling or other process needs all over the world.

Chlorine dioxide generation

Severn Trent Services offers Capital Controls® and Aquadiox® chlorine dioxide generators, which produce an effective disinfectant chemical in drinking water treatment and desalination pre-treatment applications. Chlorine dioxide is a versatile disinfection treatment chemical that aids in the prevention of trihalomethane and bromide formation; kills the disease-causing pathogens Giardia and Cryptosporidium; and prevents potable water taste and odor problems by removing phenolic compounds.

Gas feed systems and accessories

Severn Trent Services offers a wide range of Capital Controls® gas feed systems and accessories capable of feeding various gaseous solutions including chlorine, sulfur dioxide, ammonia and carbon dioxide. Capital Controls gas feed systems have feed capacities ranging up to 200 kg/h or 10,000 PPD and can be cylinder, ton, wall and floor mounted depending on the application.

About Severn Trent Services

Severn Trent Services ( with global headquarters in Fort Washington, Pa., USA, is a leading supplier of water and wastewater solutions. The company's broad range of products and services is concentrated around disinfection, instrumentation and filtration technologies and contract operating services. Our analytical services group is the United Kingdom's leading environmental testing organization. Our operating services business provides contract management, operations support and systems improvements for utility, industrial and commercial water and wastewater customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy. Severn Trent Services is a member of the Severn Trent Plc (London: SVT.L) group of companies. Severn Trent is a FTSE 100 company.


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