Severn Trent Services Provides TETRA® Denite® Denitrification System for Tianjin Zhang Gui Zhuang Wastewater Treatment Plant

The TETRA Denite system installation will be the largest deep bed denitrification project in China, offering the removal of total phosphorous, total nitrogen and total suspended solids.

SHANGHAI, China - Severn Trent Services, a leading supplier of water and wastewater solutions globally, has received a contract to provide its TETRA® Denite® denitrification system for the Zhang Gui Zhuang Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Tianjin, China. The project will be the largest deep bed denitrification installation in the country. The contract was awarded by Anhui Genda Environ., the contractor for Phase I clarifier and filter installation of the new WWTP. Under the contract, the TETRA Denite treatment solution will help the plant meet stringent Class IA effluent discharge standards by simultaneously removing total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorus (TP) and total suspended solids (TSS).

The TETRA Denite system is a fixed-film biological denitrification process that also serves as a deep bed filtration system capable of removing TN, TP and SS to meet a high standard of effluent discharge. TETRA Denite is a single treatment solution, which addresses multiple WWTP process needs by offering an economical, small footprint and virtually maintenance free operation.

According to Marwan Nesicolaci, vice president of international sales for Severn Trent Services, "Our innovative solutions are well suited to China's fast-growing environmental management demands. Severn Trent Services' TETRA wastewater filtration systems have been installed throughout the world in secondary, tertiary and advanced wastewater treatment applications for more than 30 years. While new and improved wastewater treatment technologies are continuously being developed, fixed-film biological deep bed denitrification filters continue to set the standard for meeting the stringent limits required for advanced wastewater treatment.

"The Zhang Gui Zhuang WWTP plays an important role in the Tianjin Clean Water Project by combining wastewater treatment, sludge processing and water reuse. In recent years, the TETRA Denite process has helped dramatically improve wastewater quality at other treatment plants across China, helping those plants meet the stringent Class IA effluent discharge standards through the simultaneous removal of TN, TP and SS. In fact, the TETRA Denite process has been listed in the Lake Tai WWTP Guide Rules by the Department of Construction of Jiangsu Province."

The new Zhang Gui Zhuang WWTP will be located in Yao Liu Qiao County, Dong Li District, and will treat wastewater for a service area that spans 17,500 hectares. Phase I of The Zhang Gui Zhuang WWTP will treat 200,000 m3/d. Once completed, the entire WWTP will enable the Dong Li District to raise its wastewater treatment rate to more than 95 percent while helping to meet the future sanitary needs of new towns in the District. The plant is expected to be the role model project for wastewater treatment, sludge processing and water reuse in Tianjin.

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