Servo Motors and Gearmotors feature slotless stator.

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ELCOM SL(TM) slotless and brushless dc servo motors and gearmotors eliminate magnetic cogging. They are offered in 3 frame sizes (motor Series 3400, 4400 and 5400 and gearmotor Series GM3400, GM4400 and GM5400) with several length and performance options available. Speeds up to 8,000 rpm can be achieved.

Original Press Release:

ELCOM SL (TM) Brushless Motors And Gearmotors Feature Slotless Stator Design To Eliminate Cogging

ELCOM SL(TM) slotless brushless DC servo motors and gearmotors available from Pittman are designed to deliver smooth, quiet motion and high performance and long life in a wide range of applications.

The slotless construction and unique design of ELCOM SL 3-phase, 4-pole brushless motors and gearmotors virtually eliminates magnetic cogging to enable smooth and quiet operation. Low inductance and high current bandwidth promote precise control, especially during rapid acceleration in demanding incremental motion applications. A large magnetic air gap minimizes viscous torque losses for efficient operaton at high speeds. Slotless construction further provides excellent winding heat transfer for high thermal efficiency and transient load capacity.

ELCOM SL brushless motors and gearmotors are offered in three frame sizes (motor Series 3400, 4400, and 5400 and gearmotor Series GM3400, GM4400, and GM5400) with several length and performance options available. Speeds up to 8,000 RPM can be achieved.

All models feature a modular design that promotes customization with a wide range of components developed and designed to meet application-specific torque, noise, output shaft, and cost requirements.

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