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Servo Motor Controller operates from 12-48 Vdc input power.

Press Release Summary:

CiA DSP 402 CANopen servo motor controller, QCI-D2-IGK, SilverDust IGK is stand alone, single axis controller that includes serial communications (RS-232, RS-485), CANopen and 7 I/O. Features included are 32K non-volatile memory, 100:1 inertial miss-match, PVIA(TM) servo loop, electronic gearing/camming, and multiple thread programming.
Product also has built-in voltage clamp, and point to point or profile moves.

Original Press Release:

Stand Alone CANopen CiA DSP 402 Servo Motor Controller (QCI-D2-IGK)

Date: 4 February 2009

QuickSilver Controls, Inc. introduces a low cost CiA DSP 402 CANopen servo motor controller. The SilverDust IGK is a stand alone, single axis controller that includes serial communications (RS-232, RS-485), CANopen and 7 I/O. CANopen can be configured for peer-to-peer, master or slave which allows the controllers to share I/O with other CANopen controllers and 3rd party CANopen devices (i.e. I/O blocks, encoders,...).

CiA DSP 402 refers to CAN in Automation (CiA) Draft Standard Proposal (DSP) 402 CANopen Drives and Motion Control Device Profile. This profile defines such functions as start-up and homing techniques as well as motion profiles. A host controller, for example a PLC, supporting CiA DSP 402 could command multiple CiA DSP 402 motor controllers from multiple vendors. CiA DSP 402 runs on top of CANopen (CiA DSP 302 v4.0).

The RS-232/RS-485 serial network runs in parallel to CANopen for supervisory control from a host (i.e. PC, PLC, HMI..).

The IGK is designed to servo QuickSilver's NEMA 17 and NEMA 23 frame I-Grade servo motors. 7 bi-directional I/O can be broken out using one of our QCI's basic breakouts (QCI-BO-B, QCI-BO-B1, QCI-BO-B1A) or, if 24V I/O is needed, using the QCI-BO-B52.

o 12-48V DC Input Power
o Built-In Voltage Clamp
o 7 TTL, Bi-Directional I/O

For 24V use QCI-BO-B52
o 4 Analog Inputs
o 32K Non-Volatile Memory
o R2-232/485 ASCI, Binary, Modbus
o CANopen, CiA DSP 302/402
o 100:1 Inertial Miss-Match
o PVIA(TM) Servo Loop
o Point To Point Moves
o Profile Moves
o Electronic Gearing/Camming
o Multiple Thread Programming

For more details, see the datasheet QCI-DS023 on

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