Servo Drive Modules deliver sub-nanometer performance.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring 2 drives per unit, NPMPM Series Dual Axis EtherCAT Drives provide voltage range of 12–100 Vdc and continuous/peak current ratings of 13.3 A/40 A. Units run as slaves under any ACS EtherCAT masters. When utilized with optional 10 MHz laser encoder interface and control algorithm, positioning systems can achieve speeds above 2 m/s, sub-nanometer jitter values, nanometer velocity tracking errors, and low settling time with minimal sensitivity to disturbances and load changes.

Original Press Release:

New Dual Axis EtherCAT® PWM Servo Drive Module from ACS Delivers Sub-Nanometer Performance

ACS   drives tested by the Fraaunhofer Institute for Production Technology, achieve standstill jitter and step response results superior to any other drives…

BLOOMINGTON, MN — ACS Motion Control has expanded its line of ground breaking PWM (pulse width modulation) servo drives to include a new dual axis EtherCAT drive. The NPMPM Series of EtherCAT servo drive modules provide motion performance that was previously only achievable using linear drives, without the drawbacks of such linear drives. The NPMPM drives are significantly smaller, much more efficient, produce less heat dissipation, better protected and lower in cost.

When utilized with the optional 10MHz laser encoder interface and the powerful   control algorithm, positioning systems can achieve ultimate performance levels, such as speeds above 2m/s, sub-nanometer jitter values, nanometer velocity tracking errors, extremely low settling time, and uncompromised system robustness with minimal sensitivity to disturbances and load changes.

“Based on ACS Motion Control’s proprietary and unique   technology, the NPMPM Series is specifically designed to address the most demanding applications with regards to move & settle times, standstill jitter and velocity smoothness,” said Ze'ev Kirshenboim, ACS Motion Control president. “Recently, the   drives have been tested by the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnologie) IPT in Germany, and achieved standstill jitter and step response results that are better than any other drives that this institute has tested so far.”

The NPMPM is a slave that runs under any ACS EtherCAT masters. The  type of drives have already been proven successfully in the most demanding applications of  wafer metrology & inspection, FPD inspection, and ultra-precision machining for processing of optical components.

NPMPM Main Specifications:

• Two drives per unit

• Voltage and current range

- 12Vdc – 100Vdc

- Up to 13.3A / 40A (cont./peak)

• Digital I/O

- Inputs: 4 registration marks and 2 general purpose

- Outputs : 2 Position Event Generators and 2 general purpose

• Analog I/O

- Inputs:4, 12 bit resolution, /-10V

- Outputs: 4, 16 bit resolution, +/-10V

• Position feedforward for active vibration isolation systems

• Optional motor phases shortening relays

• No compromise speed and resolution:

- Up to 4 Analog Sin-Cos 1Vptp encoder with raw frequency up to 10MHz

- 2 Squared Sin-Cos output

- Multiplication factor  up to 64536

- Automatic offset and phase compensation

- Dual feedback

• Optional STO (Safe Torque Off)

A comprehensive set of software support tools are provided for the module configuration, setup and tuning.

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