Servo Cylinder offers alternative to pneumatic cylinders.

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Rod-style YMS Series works with ERCD multifunction controller that offers additional pulse train function. Built-in motor is installed directly to ball screw and can be removed for maintenance. Resolver used for position detection mechanism operates under variety of environmental conditions. Cylinder is equipped with lubrication unit using high oil content fiber net for ball screw nut section and contact scraper for rod bearing section.

Original Press Release:

Yamaha YMS Series Offers a Compact, Cost Effective Alternative to Pneumatic Cylinders

The YMS Series from Yamaha Robotics offers a cost effective alternative to pneumatic cylinders. This rod style servo cylinder, when used in combination with the ERCD controller, provides a compact unit that is easy to maintain. The built-in motor of the YMS Series has no coupling, making the overall length shorter than any other similar product in the industry. The compact design of the ERCD controller [44 mm (w) x 144 mm (h) x 117 mm (d)] allows a great deal of freedom in selecting an installation position. The built-in motor, which is installed directly to the ball screw, can be removed for easy maintenance or repair, if needed. The multifunction ERCD controller has an additional pulse train function which helps reduce the time and cost of system construction and provides for a wide application range.

The resolver used for the position detection mechanism is highly reliable under a variety of environmental conditions. Equipped with a lubrication unit using a high oil content fiber net for the ball screw nut section and a contact scraper for the rod bearing section, this unit requires no maintenance over long periods of time.

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