Servo Amplifiers are vibration-proof.

Press Release Summary:

i Drive digital servo drives are point-to-point digital amplifiers available in 7 models with power ratings from 0.5 to 3 kW (1- or 3-phase). Drives can be used for velocity, torque, and position control of synchronous and asynchronous motors. They offer Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology based on vector-based sensorless field algorithm. LCD display and 6 function/programming pushbuttons allow for entering parameters, set points, and error flags.

Original Press Release:

Bayside Introduces the New i Drive Digital Servo Amplifier with Integral Position Control

Port Washington, NY. Bayside Motion Group, a leading manufacturer of precision motion systems, announces the acquisition of D-Tech GmbH of Bielefeld, Germany. The new name of the wholly-owned subsidiary is Bayside Controls GmbH.

Bayside Controls GmbH manufactures the i Drive, a family of Digital Servo Drives representing the most cost effective solution for high performance applications. The drive is a complete point-to-point digital amplifier available in seven models with power ratings ranging from 0.5 to 3 kW. The drive can be used for velocity, torque and position control of synchronous and asynchronous motors.

The drive's compact Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology is based on a patented vector based sensorless field algorithm. This allows the drive to achieve high power output in a package compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

The user friendly front panel LCD display and six function / programming pushbuttons allow for entering all the control, system and motor parameters, set points and error flags. In addition, easy to use PC based control simulation software for programming and operation is available. The PC display shows a functional block diagram, a complete motion profile configuration window, wiring and connection pin assignments, and full diagnostics capability.

The i Drive is rugged because it is packaged in a protective steel enclosure that was originally developed for high reliability automotive applications. A special chip, which works together with the power components, guards against current surges, ground faults, short-circuits, and power supply failures. The drive is vacuum encapsulated and vibration-proof.

The power section of the amplifier utilizes a patented chip-on-chip hybrid assembly that is manufactured in a clean room environment. This module forms the rear wall of the amplifier that bolts directly to the customer's frame and ensures excellent thermal dissipation. This allows for a higher power rating in a smaller package.

The i Drive features:

* Power levels: 0.50kW, 0.75kW, 1.5kW, 230 VAC single phase
0.75kW, 1.50kW, 2.20kW, 3.00kW, 400 VAC 3phase
* Patented vector based sensorless field technology
* Compact Size with integrated display
* Programmable via keypad or PC based simulation software
* 5 operating modes
1.External velocity control (+/-) 10 VDC
2. External torque control (+/-) 10 VDC
3. Digital Position control
4. Digital Torque control
5. Digital velocity control
* Connectivity
1. Can Bus connectivity
2. Serial multidrop RS485

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