Services help users meet notice and access requirements.

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Using ProxyAccess services, clients can meet all requirements of SEC's Internet Availability of Proxy Materials rule, also referred to as notice and access. Solutions include electronic document design, public Web site hosting, and specialized mailings announcing Web access of proxy materials, as well as warehousing and fulfillment services for shareholders who prefer paper delivery, and managing shareholder delivery preferences to facilitate and tailor future communications.

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Computershare Launches ProxyAccess Solution

Clients Get Jump Start on the Benefits of the Notice and Access Model

NEW YORK, June 26 /- Computershare Limited , a leading financial services provider for the global securities industry, today announced the launch of their ProxyAccess services, which enables clients to meet all the requirements of the SEC's Internet Availiabity of Proxy Materials rule - also referred to as notice and access. With this integrated solution, Computershare is leading the way in offering comprehensive services specifically for the notice and access model. This includes electronic document design, public Web site hosting, specialized mailings announcing Web access of proxy materials, warehousing and fulfillment services for shareholders who prefer paper delivery, and managing shareholder delivery preferences to facilitate and tailor future communications.

At its open meeting on June 20, the SEC adopted amendments to its proxy rules that make it mandatory to offer Internet delivery of proxy materials to shareholders for large accelerated filers (other than investment companies), commencing on or after January 1, 2008.

"Even before it is mandatory, companies can use the model to gain an edge by reducing their print and mailing costs, enriching the shareholder experience and diminishing the impact of paper production on the environment, which can enhance their corporate social responsibility profile," said Paul Conn, president, global capital markets, Computershare. "We can manage the entire process so issuers can be assured that they meet compliance standards and shareholder expectations."

One of the companies participating in Computershare's ProxyAccess solution is UQM Technologies, Inc. (AMEX:UQM) - a Colorado-based developer and manufacturer of energy-efficient and power-dense electric propulsion systems for electric, hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles. "As a company focused on efficiency and applying advanced technology to existing applications, it makes perfect sense for UQM to be an early adopter of this more efficient and modern shareholder communications approach," said Donald A. French, UQM's Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer. "We are excited about using ProxyAccess for our upcoming annual meeting in August."

ProxyAccess solutions can include a mixture of traditional print materials with electronic access, materials graphically designed to be shareholder friendly, and integration with an online voting site to capture more votes in a shorter amount of time. Computershare can tailor services to all companies, no matter what their size or the make-up of their shareholder base.

Because Computershare includes Georgeson Inc., a leading proxy solicitation firm, ProxyAccess can include layered/targeted follow-up mailings to help companies achieve crucial vote threshold. This could be an issue given regulatory moves to reduce the reliance on broker votes in certain circumstances.

The ProxyAccess solution is integrated with the systems and knowledge of many innovative services Computershare has pioneered to help companies improve the shareholder experience, reduce costs and protect the environment. To learn more about Computershare's ProxyAccess Services, call 1 888 404 6333 or go to: [ 4FA6-A74E-5DA19DB94A79%7d&cc=US&lang=en&bhjs=1&fla=1&theme=cpu]

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