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Allowing users to manage multiple legal matters over multiple years, Stratify Legal Discovery(TM) v9.0 includes automated workflow in addition to document work pools, workflow between which is governed by automatic transition rules. It offers secure multiparty support and interface simplifies searching, document annotation/coding, and reporting for clients. Software also provides multiple monitor support.

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Stratify Legal Discovery(TM) v9.0 Introduces Sophisticated Matter Portfolio Management with Multi-Matter, Multi-Party Support and State-of-the-Art Workflow

Enhanced Client Services Deliver Industry-Leading Service Levels to Minimize Client Risk and Reduce eDiscovery Costs

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan. 28 / / - Stratify, Inc., a market leader in eDiscovery and subsidiary of Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE:IRM), the global leader in information protection and storage services, announces the introduction of the Stratify Legal Discovery v9.0 service at LegalTech 2009 in New York City. The new Matter Portfolio Management capabilities of the service enable clients to cost-effectively manage multiple matters over multiple years with a scalable architecture that provides granular multi-party security and a state-of-the-art, automated workflow engine. The service also provides comprehensive client services to help clients implement sophisticated multi-matter, multi-party security, workflow and reporting to expedite matter management across complex eDiscovery portfolios.

"In a challenging economy, general counsel and outside counsel are much more sensitive to risk and expect enhanced eDiscovery efficiencies," said Nick Patience, research director at the 451 Group. "The new eDiscovery Matter Portfolio Management capabilities of the Stratify Legal Discovery v9.0 service directly address these needs, and by strengthening its client service capabilities, Stratify is delivering the enhanced level of professional responsiveness and legal expertise required for today's complex eDiscovery matters."

The Stratify Legal Discovery v9.0 service continues Stratify's long-term strategic approach to delivering enterprise-grade, easy-to-use eDiscovery solutions. The service integrates advanced technologies, secure, certified processes with proactive project management procedures, and in-depth legal expertise to help clients minimize risk and reduce eDiscovery costs. The added services and capabilities of this version, developed in consultation with Stratify's AmLaw 100 and Fortune 100 clients and alliance partners, address the evolution of electronic discovery as a business critical, and at times mission critical, corporate function.

"Simplifying the management of multi-party matters and automating multi-level workflow will help in-house and outside counsel successfully engage a turbulent investigatory and legal environment," said Ramana Venkata, senior vice president at Iron Mountain and general manager, Stratify. "Matter Portfolio Management extends Stratify's drive to deliver advanced capabilities that enable our clients to increase eDiscovery productivity and lower their costs today, while upgrading their eDiscovery practices for strategic advantage tomorrow."

A hallmark of the Stratify Legal Discovery service is eDiscovery ease-of-use. This trend continues with new v9.0 application capabilities focused on simplifying matter portfolio management.

Automated Workflow. The Stratify Legal Discovery v9.0 application provides a powerful rules-based workflow engine to manage workflows within a matter. Document Work Pools are sets of documents that are created automatically based on a search query or transition from another Work Pool. Workflow between Work Pools is governed by automatic transition rules that are satisfied when the status of documents change as they are tagged by reviewers assigned to a Work Pool.

Stratify Legal Discovery v9.0 helps to radically simplify matter workflow management. It can virtually eliminate unproductive downtime by replacing the traditional "push" procedure of assigning documents to (teams of) reviewers with a process that enables reviewers to "pull" documents at their own pace. Work Pools can become the primary components in eDiscovery workflow. Party administrators can allocate resources to Work Pools as needed to meet their schedules while also monitoring reviewer productivity and tagging patterns to ensure the accuracy of the review.

The flexibility and scalability of the state-of-the-art workflow engine of the Stratify Legal Discovery v9.0 application transforms how sophisticated multi-level eDiscovery workflows can be constructed and managed by in-house counsel and outside counsel for multiple parties.

Secure Multi-Party Support. The granular security architecture of the Stratify Legal Discovery v9.0 application directly addresses the multi-party requirements of complex investigations and litigation. Multi-party security completely partitions parties from each other throughout the lifecycle of a matter. Party security can be configured to meet the specific requirements of each matter.

The Stratify Legal Discovery v9.0 application enables one or more parties to be defined for each matter (comprised, for example, of in-house counsel, multiple outside counsel, as well as consulting teams, subject matter experts, translators, etc.). Each party can be provided access to all or a subset of documents within a matter. Review features such as Smart Issue folders and search-based Work folders, together with content-based work product including redactions and highlighting, are completely secured for each party. Metadata-based work product such as annotations, coding fields and tags can be locked down for each party, or shared with other parties, based upon the security policies established by the Party Administrator. Defining and managing party security protocols takes place within a unified, easy-to-use administrative interface.

Cost-Effective Multi-Matter Support. The Stratify Legal Discovery v9.0 application supports multiple matters within a single integrated database, simplifying the creation and deployment of new matters, each with potentially unique requirements for data filtering and loading. In-house counsel and outside counsel can now leverage the economies of scale of the service to lower eDiscovery costs for internal investigations, regulatory matters and litigation of any size.

A single administrative interface with cross-matter reporting simplifies multi-matter management. Each matter is automatically organized into concept folders with integrated access to the Stratify Visual Email Analytics(TM) and Stratify Document Analytics(TM) modules. Attorneys can quickly triage the dataset -- identifying relevant documents, detecting documents with hidden, potentially risky metadata, and uncovering previously unknown custodians and locating critical correspondence in large email collections.

Stratify's integrated approach to electronic discovery focuses on delivering the highest service levels of responsiveness, reliability and quality to help clients reduce their risk. The Stratify Legal Discovery v9.0 service includes significant client service enhancements to achieve these objectives.

Comprehensive Client Services. The Stratify Legal Discovery v9.0 service supports business-critical eDiscovery matters by providing expanded 24/7/365 project management coverage with teams of licensed attorneys and credentialed experts stationed in its North American and India offices. Stratify's global, team approach to service delivery ensures uninterrupted project management and technical support throughout the lifecycle of every matter, providing clients direct access to project management personnel intimately familiar with their matters at all times. The ability to seamlessly mobilize resources to meet client workflow, reporting, and production requests during peak periods of activity ensures that schedules will be met.

Stratify's project management teams follow documented quality systems that establish standards for all aspects of matter management, ensuring consistent service delivery for all parties and matters. Project managers proactively engage clients to plan matter deployments, taking into account the complexity of the data set and requirements for handling embedded objects, encrypted files, password protected files, and other anomalies. Rigorous production processes enable advance production planning to identify problematic file types, establish timelines and workflow, while enacting a five-level quality control process for production sets.

To ensure consistent delivery of the highest quality across client matter portfolios Stratify collaborates with individual clients to establish service specifications that are used to standardize technical and process protocols across all existing and future matters.

Based on Stratify's experience with more than 750 client matters, the Stratify Legal Discovery v9.0 service also includes a series of productivity feature enhancements. Interface ergonomics have been augmented with multiple monitor support and more flexible search hit highlighting; reviewers can annotate or code documents in bulk; and clients can receive customizable, detailed reporting on data processing, exceptions, reviewer productivity and more. Together with Matter Portfolio Management and expanded client services that are part of v9.0, these productivity enhancements will enable in-house and outside counsel to further increase productivity and review consistency over multiple matters and parties.

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Stratify, Inc. a subsidiary of Iron Mountain Incorporated, is one of the largest electronic discovery solution providers in the world today, serving a large portion of the AmLaw 200 and leading Fortune 500 corporations. The Stratify Legal Discovery(TM) service provides one of the most comprehensive, easy-to-use and reliable technology-assisted eDiscovery solutions for early case assessment and efficient review. Stratify is headquartered in Mountain View, California and maintains a significant regional presence in Boston, Massachusetts, with datacenters in San Jose and Sacramento, CA and Bangalore, India. For more information about Stratify, please visit

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