Service offers access to files, calendars, and contacts.

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Leveraging Glide Effortless platform, PC-to-PC-to-Cell Phone Synchronization Service backs up files, contacts, and calendars from computers, enabling users to access, preview, edit, and share photos, music, videos, documents, contacts, and calendars from PC, Mac, or Smartphone. Centralized, rules-based and identity-based system is device and network neutral. Users control who can access email inbox, view files and web publications, and what is private and public on Internet.

Original Press Release:

Glide Effortless to Make Available Automatic PC-to-PC-to-Cell Phone Synchronization Providing Up-to-Date, On-the-Go Access to All Files, Contacts and Calendars

NEW YORK, June 8 / - On June 21, 2006, TransMedia will leverage the power of its compatible and integrated Glide Effortless platform to introduce the first comprehensive PC-to-PC-to-Cell Phone Synchronization service for files, contacts and calendars. Glide's new synchronization capabilities will enable up-to-date, on-the-go access to a user's photos, music, videos, documents, contacts, calendars and more from any device.

"We believe PC-to-PC-to-Cell Phone Synchronization is a necessary service in a digitally fragmented world that will improve productivity and collaboration and we are pleased to make it available as a free service on June 21st," said TransMedia Chairman and CEO, Donald Leka. "Glide automatically syncs your home and work life and provides instant up-to-date access to all your files, contacts and calendars. Effectively, Glide seamlessly ties together and connects all your devices and information. As such, we believe that Glide's new synchronization service will meet an unfulfilled need in the market."

Here is how it works. Scheduled or manual synchronization in Glide automatically backups your files, contacts and calendars from your home and work computers. You can then access, preview, edit and share your photos, music, videos, documents, contacts and calendars from your PC, Mac or Smartphone.

Glide is a centralized, rules based and identity based system designed to be device and network neutral that governs file sharing, communications and ecommerce. Glide puts the user in control in terms of who can access the user's email inbox, who can view the user's files and web publications and what is private and public on the Internet. Users can securely share files as view only, downloadable and/or modifiable as well as upload files to and from virtually any computer or mobile device.

Glide functions as a universal translator breaking down proprietary software and format barriers by automatically converting video, audio, image and document files uploaded by all users into the necessary formats and sizes optimal for specific devices and networks. All that is required for senders and recipients to manage and securely share their files with others is a browser, connectivity and a device of their choosing. Effectively, Glide removes technical barriers between devices and systems and empowers users to govern how and when their files are accessed at all times.

TransMedia will be making other major announcements regarding the Glide Effortless platform on June 21st.

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