Server Virtualization Solution provides HA/DR assurance.

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Enabling 10 to 1 reduction in servers, DxConsole 2014 delivers Microsoft SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery capabilities for business-critical data distributed across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Users can make any cloud or managed service provider target into cluster member, and failover clusters can be distributed across local or geographically dispersed sites without stretching VLAN across sites. In addition, IPv4 and/or IPv6 can be supported in same cluster.

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DH2i Launches DxConsole 2014, Delivering Unrivaled Microsoft SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) Assurance

Ensures Unparalleled Protection for Business Critical Applications and Information Across Physical, Virtual and Cloud Environments; Enables up to 10 to 1 Reduction in Servers, for Dramatic Savings in CapEx and OpEx

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- DH2i(TM) Company, the leading provider of server application virtualization solutions, today announced the general availability of DxConsole 2014(TM), delivering unrivaled Microsoft SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR) capabilities, for business critical data distributed across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

To achieve this unmatched level of Microsoft SQL Server HA/DR, while also continuing to enable an up to 10 to 1 reduction in servers, DxConsole 2014 includes a robust and powerful roster of differentiating enhancements, including:

New DxConsole 2014 HA/DR Features/Benefits:

--  Binding to Fixed/Static Public Addresses for Cloud Servers Support - Users can now make any cloud or managed service provider target into a cluster member; this eliminates the Microsoft clustering requirement to add a backup domain controller - i.e., extra virtual machine (VM) in the cloud - which adds time, expense and management complexity.

--  Multi-Subnet Support - Failover clusters can now be distributed across local or geographically dispersed sites without the requirement of stretching the virtual local area network (VLAN) across the sites.  Any node can now join the cluster and have any IP address.  Users can now avoid the issues associated with VLAN-stretching such as deployment complexity, inherent security risks, and limited flexibility once implemented.

--  Explicit Cluster Membership Support (import/export/define cluster member) - Enables user to define the cluster, and support a geographically disparate cluster.

--  Multiple Address Support (IPv4 and/or IPv6) - Extends cluster flexibility, as either or both can now be supported in same cluster; user equipped for future as IPv6 increases in prevalence.

--  Cluster File Share Witness Support - Up to three files share witnesses now supported; enables user to increase data protection by eliminating issues such as "split brain" (multiple nodes writing to same storage, causing data corruption).

New DxConsole 2014 Management Capabilities:

--  Expanded Global Alerting and Filtering - Alerting in response to any cluster event, including across disparate sites.  Alerts can be custom timed and filtered (i.e., by severity level, as it happens, etc.).

--  Virtual Host Filtering - Simplifies large cluster management of SQL Server instances.

--  System Database Relocation for Managed SQL Instances - Dramatic time savings during planned relocation operations (from one storage target to another).

--  Embedded SQL Instance Start/Stop Scripts; Automatic Replication - Saves time during adds/updates and ensures operation consistency.

New DxConsole 2014 Supportability Capability:

--  DxCollect(TM) Event Log Collection Management - Immediate collection and delivery of all logs for fast and efficient diagnostics and troubleshooting.

"In the past, DBAs were often forced to rely on their infrastructure's clustering solution(s) to ensure the availability of their data platforms.  But many DBAs will tell you that Windows' clustering or VM-failovers are challenging to configure, can have unpredictable failover times, force users to purchase the most expensive SQL Server Enterprise Edition version, and isolate the DBA from the recovery-process - since those layers are managed by others," said Jason Buffington, Senior Analyst, Data Protection, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).  "DH2i has taken a fresh approach by providing an availability/resiliency solution that SQL administrators probably should investigate and explore, particularly with the capabilities delivered in DxConsole 2014."

DH2i customer Todd Park, Vice President Information Technology, W&W/AFCO STEEL concurred, "During a recent SQL Server consolidation effort, the professional services organization with whom we engaged advised that we needed to purchase Enterprise Edition, which is incredibly expensive.  As luck would have it, that's when we also discovered DH2i and its DxConsole solution, which was an ideal fit from a functionality standpoint - especially its failover and health monitoring features, as well as a perfect fit for our budget."  He continued, "I look forward to the added benefits that DxConsole 2014 is able to provide for our SQL Server environment, which serves as the foundation for all W&W/AFCO STEEL'S business critical applications and information."

"DxConsole 2014 features major system and performance enhancements intended to provide our customers with a truly best in class solution for consolidating, extending and ensuring Microsoft SQL Server HA/DR across physical, virtual and cloud environments," said OJ Ngo, CTO and Co-Founder, DH2i.  "Notably, our customers can now easily and safely extend their SQL environment into the cloud, as well as form a DxConsole cluster across sites and domains without the VLAN requirement and its associated drawbacks.  Of course, our customers really appreciate that DxConsole 2014 still enables them to enjoy an up to 10 to 1 reduction in servers, for huge capital and operational savings."

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DH2i Company is the leading provider of server application virtualization solutions.  Its software products enable a unified operational model that orchestrates SQL Server management, high availability (HA), and disaster recovery (DR) across heterogeneous physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid infrastructures.  DxConsole provide individual instance mobility and policy-based monitoring, intelligently automating IT operations and maintaining required performance and availability SLAs. For further information, please visit the DH2i website:, call: 970-295-4505 or +44 20 3318 9204, or email:

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