Server Software offers support for Linux 2.6 kernel.

Press Release Summary:

Communications Server for Linux(TM) v6.2.1 can provide all-in-one communications services between workstations, host systems, and other workstations. It supports Linux 2.6 Kernel Enterprise distributions from SUSE and Red Hat; Linux on POWER(TM), OpenPower(TM) and POWER5(TM) platforms; and AIX Remote API client. Software also offers Primary LU support and accepts remote API client updates. Features include full-function system network architecture gateway, TN3270E server, and Telnet Redirector.

Original Press Release:

IBM Communications Server for Linux V6.2.1 Extends Kernel Support and Expands Support to Additional POWER Platforms

At a glance

Communications Server for Linux delivers all-in-one communications services, including these new functions:

Linux 2.6 kernel support

Linux on POWER platforms (OpenPower and POWER5)

Enhanced AIX Remote API client

Remote API client updates

Primary LU support


Communications Server for Linux(TM), V6.2.1 adds support for more Linux distributions, Linux platforms, and client platforms. It includes the same industrial-strength features and functions you have come to rely on for your mission-critical, core business applications for the distributed Communications Server product line. These features and functions of Communications Server have been well proven in the OS/2®, AIX®, and Microsoft(TM) Windows(TM) environments across a wide variety of server systems - from relatively small single-processor systems to high-end multiprocessor systems.

Communications Server for Linux, V6.2.1 includes these additions:

Linux 2.6 Kernel Enterprise distributions from SUSE and Red Hat

Linux on POWER(TM) (OpenPower(TM) and POWER5(TM) platforms)

AIX Remote API client

Primary LU support

Remote API client updates

Communications Server for Linux can provide all-in-one communications services between workstations and host systems, as well as other workstations. It features:

Full-function system network architecture (SNA) gateway

TN3270E server

Telnet Redirector

Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking® (APPN®), including end node and network node

Dependent LU Requester (DLUR)

High Performance Routing (HPR)

Enterprise Extender (HPR over TCP/IP)

Branch Extender

Support for many types of connections, including Ethernet and token ring

Rich set of APIs

Communications Server for Linux can open the door wide to protocol-independent networking with support for workstations communicating across SNA and TCP/IP networks.

Key prerequisites

Workstation with Intel(TM) Pentium(TM) II, or higher, processor

OpenPower or POWER5 processor-based server

Linux or Windows operating system

Planned availability dates

June 17, 2005: Electronic software delivery

July 1, 2005: Media and documentation

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