Server serializes programmable devices.

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Serial Number Server communicates directly with FlashCORE programming systems during production process. It manages programming of unique numbers or other dynamic data from customer's external source file into target flash device. Integrated with FlashCORE programming firmware, server assures that numbers are assigned only to successfully programmed devices, and that each number is assigned only once. Unit tracks both served and unused serial numbers.

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Data I/O Announces Server-based Serialization for FlashCORE(TM) Programming Systems

REDMOND, Wash., Nov. 9 - Data I/O Corporation (NASDAQ:DAIO) today announced the release of Serial Number Server for FlashCORE programming systems.

Consumer electronics, automotive applications, and industrial products are increasingly configured with one or more internal identification numbers to enhance product communications, upgrading, and maintenance over the life of the product. These might be serial numbers, product ID, Vendor number, configuration ID or other manufacturer's information that is unique to a particular end product.

The Serial Number Server was designed for Set-top box (STB) manufacturers, volume producers of cell phones, PDAs, network peripherals, or any electronic products requiring device serialization and tracking of product ID or serial numbers.

Automated Serialization of Programmable Devices

The Data I/O Serial Number Server communicates directly with FlashCORE programming systems during the production process. The server manages automatic programming of unique numbers or other dynamic data from the customer's external source file into the target flash device.

Serial Number Server is integrated with FlashCORE programming firmware, assuring that numbers are assigned only to successfully programmed devices, and that each number in the source file is assigned only once. In addition, the server tracks both served and unused serial numbers, providing production managers with precise status of device serialization.

"Over the past year Data I/O has worked with major providers of conditional access solutions and manufacturers of satellite television systems to increase efficiency and security in the production of set-top boxes," said Megan Miller, Product Manager for Serial Number Server. "We have received similar requests from EMS (electronics manufacturing service) companies, and OEM manufacturers of portable consumer electronics products such as PDAs, cell phones, and appliances. For these applications, the Serial Number Server greatly enhances the capabilities of FlashCORE programming systems."

Flexible Licensing

FlashPAK users may run the Server on the local PC along with TaskLink for Windows(TM). The Server may also be installed on a network host to serve one or more production programming systems, or installed directly on the AH400 system within PS300 or PS288 offline production systems. Site licensing allows multiple installations of the server within one plant, for even greater flexibility.

For prototyping and lower volume production users, Data I/O offers a dedicated license for the FlashPAK 4-socket gang programmer at $1995.

Automated systems are licensed on a client-server model, with site licenses for automated programming systems starting at $8995 for unlimited server installations per site, plus client license for ProLine Roadrunner at $995 and PS System client licenses at $1495.

The Serial Number Server is available through Data I/O representatives worldwide.

- FlashPAK(TM) Programming System: Data I/O FlashPAK is a high-speed networked gang desktop Flash Programming System for prototype and production programming environments.

- ProLINE-RoadRunner(TM): The world's fastest and most cost effective in-line flash programming system, the ProLINE-RoadRunner, an automated in-line programming feeder, is targeted for high-volume users of high-density flash memory devices including cellular phone, automotive, and PDA manufacturers.

- The PS288FC: An automated Device Programming System for Medium Volume/High Mix Applications, the PS288FC creates a whole new price-performance sector, with the precision and consistency of high volume systems at mid-volume price levels.

- The PS300FC: An automated programming system which accommodates up to twelve programmers (up to 48 programming sites), the PS300FC surpasses any throughput currently available. Combining FlashCORE programmers with a high-speed handler produces a machine designed specifically for flash memory applications, and it has a unique architecture that delivers the lowest programming cost for high-density flash devices.

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Celebrating more than 30 years of innovative leadership in the device programming industry, Data I/O Corporation (NASDAQ:DAIO), provides manual and automated device programming systems that specifically address the requirements of engineering and manufacturing customers. FlashCORE(TM), Sprint and UniSite families provide a wide range of device support and versatility to address a user's many different programming needs. Data I/O Corporation has headquarters in Redmond, WA, with sales and services offices worldwide. For further information, visit the company's website at


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