Server provides flexibility for medium to large enterprises.

Press Release Summary:

IBM eserveriSeries(TM) Model 870, with 5/8-way processor, offers mainframe-class performance, logical partitioning, and On/Off Capacity on Demand. Processor may be upgraded to existing 8/16-way Model 870 and to Model 890. Enterprise and Standard Editions are available. Features include 7,700-11,500 CPW performance, 2 memory card slots, and 8-64 GB main storage capacity. Server supports 23 I/O towers, 336 PCI card slots, and internal CD/DVD/tape drives.

Original Press Release:

IBM eServer iSeries Servers ... Now Even More Affordable

At a glance

Extending iSeries flexibility and simplicity in an on demand world

· Model 870 enhancements
- Lower entry point 5/8-way processor
- Offered in Standard and Enterprise Editions
· New Model 825s now installed by IBM

For ordering, contact:

Your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or the Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: AE001).


The IBM eserveriSeries(TM) on demand product line, introduced in January 2003, is enhanced with a new Model 870 5/8-way processor (#2489).

This new 5/8-way processor lowers the cost of entry to the mainframe-class Model 870 and increases your flexibility in meeting the needs of medium- to large-sized enterprises.

Consistent with the 8/16-way processor on the Model 870, the new 5/8-way processor offers:

· Mainframe-class performance
· Advanced manageability
· Industry-leading logical partitioning (LPAR)
· On/Off Capacity on Demand
· Enterprise and Standard Editions

The new Model 870 processor can be upgraded to the 8/16-way Model 870 processor and to the Model 890.

The initial installation designation of the Model 825 is changed from customer setup, as originally announced, to IBM install. IBM service personnel now install new Model 825 server configurations at no additional charge.

Planned availability date

July 30, 2003


Model 870 enhancements

A new 5/8-way processor lowers the cost of entry into the Model 870. Now the Model 870 On/Off Capacity on Demand has a broader performance range. The new Model 870 processor can be upgraded into the existing 8/16-way Model 870 and to the Model 890. Enterprise and Standard Editions are available.
New Model 870 server packages
Server feature Package Price Activation
Model feature (Proc CPW) feature Package tier feature

870 0889 2489 7431 Standard P40 1614
7433 Enterprise P40 1614

Model 870 summary
                                     2489               2486
Processor 5/8-way 8/16-way

Performance (CPW) 7700-11500 11500-20000

Main storage
Cards (minimum/maximum) 2/2 2/4
Minimum capacity (GB) 8 8
Maximum capacity (GB) 64 128

Disk storage (GB)
Minimum 17.5 17.5
Maximum 76210 144446

Disk arms (maximum) 1080 2047

Internal CD/DVD/tape 26/48 26/48

External tape/optical/CD/DVD 26/48 26/48

Physical packaging
External HSL-2 ports 8 16
External HSL-2 loops 4 8
I/O towers supported 23 47
PCI card slots 336 672
Maximum PCI IOA cards 264 528

Twinaxial controllers 180 180
Twinaxial devices 7200 7200

Communication lines 480 480

LAN ports 128 128

Windows(R) integration
Integrated xSeries(R) servers 32 48
Integrated xSeries adapters 48 60

Note: Capacities shown are for new models shipped from the plant and include any prerequisite expansion features. Some maximums and combinations of devices may be subject to configuration restrictions.

Model 825 now IBM install

The iSeries Model 825, announced in January as a customer setup unit has been changed to IBM install. This change is effective immediately for all Model 825 servers not already installed, including those previously shipped. If a Model 825 server shipped before today, contact IBM and request that IBM service personnel install your Model 825.

New feature descriptions

870 POD activation (#1614): To receive an activation code that permanently activates one additional processor on a Model 870, order one or more #1614 features on initial orders or via MES.

Prerequisites: #2489 (Model 870 5/8-Way Processor)

On/off prepaid for Model 870 (#1684/#1695): Prepaid features provide 30 processor days of On/Off Capacity on Demand. Upon purchasing one of these features, your On/Off Capacity on Demand account will be credited for 30 processor days for each feature ordered. Your system must be enabled for On/Off Capacity on Demand before ordering prepaid days.

· #1684 is the On/Off Prepaid feature used with Standard Edition feature #7431.
· #1695 is the On/Off Prepaid feature used with Enterprise Edition feature #7433.

TCoD enablement for Model 870 (#1774): This feature is ordered to enable your server for On/Off Capacity on Demand. Once enabled, you can request processors on a temporary basis. You must sign an On/Off Capacity on Demand contract before you order this feature.

Prior to reaching your enabled limit of usable temporary processor days, you may reorder this feature.

TCoD billing for Model 870 (#1784/#1795): Once a TCoD enablement feature is ordered and the associated enablement code is entered into the system, you must report to IBM, at least monthly, your temporary usage. This information is used to compute your billing data that is then provided to your sales channel. The sales channel will place an order for a quantity of TCoD billing features and bill you.

· #1784 is the TCoD billing feature used with Standard Edition feature #7431.
· #1795 is the TCoD billing feature used with Enterprise Edition feature #7433.

Model 870 5/8-way processor (#2489): #2489 has a CPW range from 7700 to 11500. Some system maximums are reduced when using this processor feature. Refer to the Model Summary Matrix in the Sales Manual for specific information.

#2489 has two memory slots that allow total main storage capacity increments of 8, 16, 32, or 64 GB.

Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act

iSeries Models 800, 810, 825, 870, and 890 are capable, when used in accordance with IBM's associated documentation, of satisfying the applicable requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, provided that any assistive technology used with the product properly interoperates with it.

Product positioning

The new 5/8-way 870 processor feature (#2489), provides 7700-11500 CPW performance and positions nicely between the Model 825 maximum CPW of 6600 and the minimum CPW of 11500 offered on the 8/16-way Model 870.

Processor #2489 is in Processor Group P40 for software with graduated charges, the same as the 8/16-way Model 870.

The Model 870 8/16-way Standard Edition has a price/performance advantage over the 5/8-way Standard Edition when processors are permanently activated, or if an upgrade from the Standard Edition 5/8-way is anticipated in the future.

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