Server is powered by Enterprise X-Architecture(TM).

Press Release Summary:

Powered by XA-64 Enterprise X-Architecture(TM) and 64-bit Itanium 2 processors, eserver xSeries® 455 server is available in three 16-way, SMP-capable models. Processing power ranges from 1.3 GHz (single) to 1.5 GHz (dual) with up to 6 MB L3 cache and 2 GB system memory. Server has Active Memory with hot-swap support, six 64-bit Active PCI-X slots, and PC2100 CL2.5 ECC DDR SDRAM system memory with Chipkill, memory mirroring, and Memory ProteXion.

Original Press Release:

IBM eserver xSeries 455 Server - The Next-Generation Scalable Enterprise Server Powered by Enterprise X-Architecture

At a glance

Excellent performance, scalability, flexibility, and OnForever availability now at your command

Handle advanced, mission-critical applications, with:

Choice of powerful 16-way, SMP-capable Itanium 2 processor-based models:

One 1.3 GHz1/3 MB L3 cache with 1 GB system memory

Two 1.4 GHz/4 MB L3 cache with 2 GB system memory

Two 1.5 GHz/6 MB L3 cache with 2 GB system memory

Up to 56 GB of system memory

Active Memory with new hot-swap support

High-speed PC2100 CL2.5 ECC DDR SDRAM system memory incorporates Chipkill, Active Memory (memory mirroring), and Memory ProteXion

Six 64-bit Active PCI-X slots

XpandOnDemand scalability, optionally supporting up to 12 additional Active PCI-X slots with RXE-100 Remote Expansion Enclosure

Dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI and Gigabit Ethernet controllers

Two hot-swap bays, internal data storage up to 146.8 GB2

Two 1,050-watt, 220 V, hot-swap redundant power supplies

24x combination DVD/CD-RW drive

Serial, SVGA video, SCSI, two Ethernet, and three USB external ports

Remote Supervisor Adapter enables remote, out-of-band systems management

For ordering, contact:

Your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: SE001).


The xSeries® 455 servers, powered by XA-64 Enterprise X-Architecture(TM) and 64-bit Itanium 2 processors, bring the future of 64-bit processing and production-level reliability to your datacenters.

Featuring mainframe-inspired, advanced mission-critical function, these dependable 16-way SMP-capable enterprise servers help run your complex business applications around the clock.

64-bit processing power and scalability

These compact, 4U-high, 16-way SMP-capable servers with one or two 64-bit processors and XA-64 copper-based chipsets feature:

Itanium 2 processors at 1.3 GHz, 1.4 GHz, or 1.5 GHz clock speeds with full-speed 3 MB, 4 MB, or 6 MB ECC L3 caches, 200 MHz double-pumped front side bus, and Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC) architecture

1 or 2 GB of high-speed PC2100 ECC DDR SDRAM memory, 56 GB maximum

64 MB of XceL4 Server Accelerator Cache that propels performance by reducing waits for main memory

Six full-length 64-bit Active PCI-X slots:

Two slots at 133 MHz

Two slots at 100 MHz

Two slots at 66 MHz

Innovative RXE port that supports 12 additional 64-bit Active PCI-X slots with the optional RXE-100 Remote Expansion Enclosure3

High-performance, integrated dual-channel controllers:

10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet with Wake on LAN®

Ultra320 SCSI (up to 320 MB/s) with RAID mirroring support

OnForever(TM) availability for mission-critical applications

Active memory (memory mirroring), memory hot-swap, memory ProteXion, and third-generation Chipkill(TM) ECC memory technologies

Active PCI-X slots, hot-add and hot-swap adapters

Hot-swap, Ultra320 drive bays with mirroring support to protect operating systems and applications critical to server function

Two hot-swap, redundant power supplies with fans and four separate hot-swap fans; power and cooling redundancy standard for full configurations (power supplies require only two line cords)

Predictive Failure Analysis® (PFA) on processors, XceL4 cache, before they occur

Integrated Remote Supervisor Adapter, supporting out-of-band systems management and remote POST, setup, graphics, and diagnostics

Innovative light path diagnostics and top access design, easy to service and upgrade

Planned availability dates

December 16, 2003, for xSeries 455 and options

January 6, 2004:

Datacenter models with Windows(TM) Server 2003 Datacenter Edition Preload kits

Datacenter Software Update Subscription

Datacenter Maintenance Update Subscription

Reference information

1 GHz and MHz denote the internal and/or external clock speed of the microprocessor only, not application performance. Many factors affect application performance.

2 When referring to hard drive or tape backup capacity, GB stands for one billion bytes. Total user capacity may vary depending on operating environments.

3 Refer to Hardware Announcement 101-345 , dated November 27, 2001.


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