Server handles web-serving and e-business applications.

Press Release Summary:

Rack-optimized, 1U-high xSeries® 335 utilizes 2-way, SMP-capable, 3.2 GHz Intel(TM) Xeon processor, with 512 KB advanced transfer L2 cache, 1 MB ECC L3 cache, and 533 MHz front-side bus. It features integrated Ultra320 SCSI controller and 1 GB of 2-way interleaved, high-speed PC2100 266 MHz ECC DDR SDRAM memory. Dual Gigabit Ethernet controllers offer high I/O capacity and failover capability. Two PCI-X slots, 4 drive bays, and 411 W power supply are included.

Original Press Release:

New IBM eserver xSeries 335 Servers with 3.2 GHz Intel Xeon Processors - Rack-Optimized Servers for Outstanding Computing Power

At a glance
The xSeries 335 server is designed with the power, scalability, control, and serviceability needed to handle dynamic Web-serving and e-business applications:

Ultrathin, rack-optimized, 1 U high
Powerful 3.2 GHz Intel(TM) Xeon processors with 1 MB ECC L3 cache and 533 MHz front-side bus
1 GB of two-way interleaved Chipkill(TM), PC2100 CL2.5 ECC double date rate (DDR) SDRAM DIMM memory; up to 8 GB

Choice of configurations:

Economical 80 GB EIDE HDD
Flexible, hot-swap, Ultra320 SCSI open bay
Single-channel Ultra320 SCSI controller for high-speed, internal disk storage solutions up to 292 GB in SCSI models
Two high-bandwidth 64-bit/100 MHz PCI-X slots (one full- and one half-length slot)
Four drive bays: 1.44 MB diskette drive, 24x-10x3 CD-ROM, and two standard IDE or hot-swap SCSI drive bays
411-watt, auto-ranging power supply
Integrated systems management processor
Integrated dual Gigabit Ethernet
One serial port (16550A-compatible), three USB ports, one RS-485 port, and two console ports incorporating a mouse, keyboard, and video port

The xSeries® 335 server is designed to handle compute-intensive, Web-based, or enterprise network applications. This highly manageable, ultrathin, 1 U high, rack-optimized server features two-way SMP-capable processors, high availability, and scalability.

Power and scalability for e-business

Apply powerful processors, large amounts of PC2100 double data rate (DDR) memory, and high-bandwidth PCI buses to data center applications:

3.2 GHz Intel(TM) Xeon processor with 512 KB advanced transfer L2 cache and 1 MB L3 cache
533 MHz front-side bus processors
1 GB (2 x 512) of two-way interleaved, high-speed PC2100 266 MHz ECC DDR SDRAM memory
Integrated Ultra320 SCSI controller
Dual Gigabit Ethernet controllers; high I/O capacity for demanding applications, plus failover capability
Imbedded HDD mirroring (RAID 1) on SCSI models
High availability for around-the-clock e-business

High availability, manageability, and serviceability features help diagnose problems quickly, even from remote locations:

Includes integrated systems management processor

Monitors and controls operating status and key server components; automatically sends alerts via alert standard format (ASF) for critical errors or component failures

Supports optional Remote Supervisor Adapter for full out-of-band systems management

Features C2T Interconnect Cable Chaining Technology; simplifies cable management and control

Warns of problems before they occur: Predictive Failure Analysis® (PFA) on processors, voltage regulator module (VRM), memory, fans, power supply, and HDD options

Provides fast and easy servicing: innovative Light Path Diagnostics, improved on-board diagnostics, and LED diagnostic panel

Service and support perfected for e-business
ServerGuide(TM) and IBM Director
Web support
Three-year on-site limited warranty

Key prerequisites
Monitor, keyboard, mouse, and rack

One cable chain kit per chain of servers or a NetBAY C2T Conversion Option and one of the NetBAY Advanced Connectivity Technology switch offerings

Planned availability date
November 24, 2003

xSeries 335 related options

The xSeries 335 server features an Intel Xeon processor system that supports internal processing speeds of up to 3.2 GHz, processing operations to memory, and PCI bus at 133 MHz. It contains an integrated, full-speed 512 KB ECC L2 cache and 1 MB L3 cache. This system supports SMP applications through installation in the second processor slot of xSeries 335 models with like processors.

High-performance server subsystems: These servers are high-throughput, two-way SMP-capable network servers with excellent scalability when you add memory and a second processor. They incorporate powerful 3.2 GHz Intel Xeon processors with 512 KB advanced transfer L2 cache and 1 MB L3 cache. These flip-chip, pin grid array 2 (FC-PGA2) processors feature advanced transfer L2 caches integrated onto the processor core and run at the same clock speed as the processor core. The advanced transfer cache is a result of a "backside bus" that is 256-bits wide. It features a quad-wide cache line that can transfer four 64-bit cache line segments at one time to deliver full-speed capability. The cache is eight-way set associative.

Two Intel Xeon connectors are standard on the system board to support installation of a second processor. High-speed 266 MHz DDR SDRAM is optimized for 133 MHz processor-to-memory subsystem performance. The xSeries 335 server uses the ServerWorks Grand Champion LE (GCLE) chipset to maximize throughput from processors to memory, and to primary 32-bit and secondary 64-bit PCI buses. The two expansion slots are supported through the secondary 64-bit bus.

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