Series 9 Avalanche Photodiodes Offer High Sensitivity at 905 nm

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Series 9 Avalanche Photodiodes are offered in TO housings or flat ceramic SMD packages. Units come with internal amplifier that is optimally matched to photodiode for high signal-to-noise ratios. Photodiodes are suitable for applications such as driver assistance systems, drones, safety laser scanners, 3D-mapping and robotics. Units are available as single element, linear and matrix arrays and can be used in low light levels with internal transimpedance amplifier (TIA).

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Series 9 Offers Wide Range of APDs Optimized for LIDAR Applications

With the Series 9, First Sensor offers a wide range of silicon avalanche photodiodes (APDs) with very high sensitivity in the near infrared (NIR) wavelength range, especially at 905 nm. With their internal gain mechanism, large dynamic range and fast rise time the APDs are ideal for LIDAR systems for optical distance measurement and object recognition according to the time of flight method. Application examples include driver assistance systems, drones, safety laser scanners, 3D-mapping and robotics. 

The Series 9 offers detectors as single elements as well as linear and matrix arrays with multiple sensing elements. The package options include rugged TO housings or flat ceramic SMD packages. The slow increase of the gain of the Series 9 photodiodes with the applied reverse bias voltage allows for easy and precise adjustments of high gain factors. For particularly low light levels, hybrid solutions are also available that further enhance the APD signal with an internal transimpedance amplifier (TIA). The integrated amplifier is optimally matched to the photodiode and allows compact setups as well as very large signal-to-noise ratios.

Thanks to its own semiconductor manufacturing facility and extensive development capabilities, First Sensor can adapt its silicon avalanche photodiodes to specific customer requirements, e.g. in terms of sensitivity, gain, rise time or design.

Important features of the Series 9 APDs:

  • Very high sensitivity at 905 nm
  • Large dynamic range and fast rise time
  • Single element photodiodes as well as linear and matrix arrays
  • Rugged TO housings or flat ceramic SMD packages
  • Hybrid solutions with integrated TIA

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About First Sensor AG

First Sensor AG is one of the world's leading suppliers in the field of sensor systems. Our company develops and manufactures both standardized and tailor-made sensor solutions for the detection of light, radiation, pressure, flow, level and acceleration for applications in the Industrial, Medical and Mobility growth markets. The company produces in-house and along the value-added chain from component to system level.

With over 850 employees, we are represented at six German locations and also have development, production and sales sites in the USA, Canada, China, the Netherlands, UK, France, Sweden and Denmark along with a worldwide partner network. We guarantee our compliance through regular successful certifications of the sites according to ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, EN ISO 13485, EN 9100 and ISO 9001 - matching the respective business field.

First Sensor AG is listed in the Prime Standard of the German stock exchange in Frankfurt.

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