Serial ATA Termination Method Wins International Patents

Rapid Conn, Inc., (WWW.RAPIDCONN.COM) a subsidiary of CCHB (Connectcounty Holdings Berhad; Mesdaq: CONNECT) on October 4, 2005 was awarded US Patent 6,951,477 and on December 21, 2005 was awarded Republic of China Patent I246236. These patents contain numerous claims that relate to a unique termination method for cable assemblies that ensures high-speed reliability and automation capability. The solder-less termination method is environmentally friendly as it eliminates the need for lead which is a hazardous substance. CCHB is employing this patented method in its Serial-ATA (SATA) high-speed signal cable products. The patent will give CCHB a competitive advantage by preventing others from using this low-cost method to achieve the stringent electrical requirements set forth in the SATA Industry Standard Specification. The Director of Engineering, Mr. Robert Tondreault added "These patent awards are a recognition of our engineering capability; we have been working to perfect this unique design over the last two years. The method of termination is significantly advanced compared to the technology used by our competitors. Our design is solder-less and highly repeatable thereby increasing performance, efficiencies, and quality. In addition to further employment of this technology we are in the process of completing more semi-automatic assembly equipment to increase our production capacity in China over the next few months to meet the growing demands for the SATA product family."

CCHB views this patent as a significant asset and will aggressively protect its proprietary design from infringement. Worldwide annual usage of these cables exceeds US$94 million. Rapid Conn, Inc. has also applied for other international patents of this method of which all are pending.

The SATA signal cable is one of a family of SATA products that CCHB offers to the market. SATA high-speed signal cables are used to connect hard drives and other storage devices in digital systems such as computers, telecommunication and industrial equipment, as well as gaming devices and satellite set top boxes.

"Serial ATA (SATA) is an evolutionary replacement for the Parallel ATA physical storage interface. SATA is scalable and allows for enhancements to the computing platform. These include easier integration, faster performance, and more efficient design. Adoption of the Serial ATA specification provides low cost storage for the industry, improved speed and bandwidth, and serves as an evolutionary replacement for the Parallel ATA interface. Implementation of Serial ATA allows for easy integration due to improved cabling, greater flexibility in regard to system configuration and hot plugability. With these enhancements, system builders can create new solutions with fewer limitations and will experience greater interoperability with other interfaces." http://www.SATA-IO.ORG/SATATECHNOLOGY.ASP

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