Serapid, Inc to Exhibit New Telescopic Mast and Trap Lift at LDI 2010

SERAPID, Inc will exhibit new lift equipment for the entertainment industry at LDI - the Telescopic Mast System and the Trap Lift. The Telescopic Mast can be used to lift/lower lights, cameras, microphones, props and scenery. The Trap Lift is also used to carry scenery and objects from underneath the stage up to stage level as well as actors.

The Telescopic Mast is a self-guided lifting column, made of aluminum. It moves up and down smoothly, with no drift. The mast motion is powered by the SERAPID Rigid Chain - a telescopic mechanical actuator that is flexible in one direction and forms a steel beam in the other direction. The masts can be mounted inversely from the ceiling so they can lower equipment from the ceiling or upper levels of the auditorium. They can work horizontally as well.

The masts will reach up to 60 feet in height, and travel at a speed of up to 60 feet per minute. It is able support any type of equipment used in television, film, worship and performing arts production - including (but certainly not limited to) cameras, lights and microphones.

The SERAPID Trap Lift - the fastest trap lift known to the market today - can be used to carry scenery, objects and actors from areas under the stage up to stage level.
It is quiet enough to be used during performances and comes with special safety features (such as a safety switch mounted to the top platform) to allow people to ride on it. The unit is self-contained and self-guided.

The Trap Lift is proving to be versatile enough for use in a variety of spaces - including churches and worship facilities, as a stage lift or a pulpit lift. It can be used during performances, holiday pageants, choir concerts or musical performances.

For additional information about the Telescopic Mast or the Trap Lift, visit, e-mail, or stop by booth #2709 at the LDI Show.

Media Contact: Ann Marie Fortunate, 586-274-0774 Ext. 177

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