Serapid, Inc to Exhibit at Metalform Mexico

Serapid, Inc will showcase their complete line of Quick Die Change equipment - clamps, roller bars, bolster extensions, push-pull systems and die carts and transfer systems at booth #1417 at the MetalForm Mexico show June 2-4, 2009 at Cintermex in Monterrey.

Featured in their exhibit are the BTSC Rod clamps and the TBHS escaping arc clamp.

The BTSC Rod Clamp is compact, easy to handle, and adaptable. This clamp replaces conventional nut-and-bolt clamping without costly changes to the die. The clamping height can also be easily lengthened by adjusting the piston rod.

The TBHS clamp moves in an arced path, so there is no risk of sticking in high temperature applications, where die swelling is an issue. It also features a mechanical safety detent so dies will not drop in the event of a pressure failure. It is also well suited for automated systems, where sensing position is required.

For more information about Serapid, please feel free to contact us at 586-274-0774, or by e-mail: Additional information about Serapid's Quick Die Change equipment is available on their web site:

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Ann Marie Fortunate,
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