Serapid, Inc Supplies Push-Pull Systems to Automate Die Handling for Door Manufacturing Company

SERAPID, Inc of Sterling Heights, Mich., recently supplied several push-pull systems to Reed City Tool of Reed City, Mich., to automate their die handling process.

"In the past, we have used air cylinders and have made items for moving dies," said Bruce Killingbeck, engineering manager at Reed City. "This is a very clean and easy way to move large dies."

Seven SERAPID RollBeams are used to push the dies in and out of the presses. Six have five feet of travel and one has ten feet of travel. Each pushes the 18,000 pound dies at a speed of 20 feet per minute.

"This is a much more compact alternative to the air cylinders, and are heavy duty enough to handle the large dies," said Killingbeck.

Reed City Tool, Inc. produces dies, molds, hydraulic presses, automatic die changers, material handling and automation for the automotive, residential, medical, commercial, government and garage door manufacturing industries.

The RollBeam can be used for vertical as well as horizontal transfer, since the chain is stored either above or below the path of travel. It features a transfer speed of up to 6.5 feet per second as well as a travel distance of one meter (3.3 feet) to virtually unlimited. Standard models cover applications up to 50 tons at a practically unlimited stroke length.

SERAPID specializes in horizontal and vertical motion through the use of our Rigid Chain Technology. The Rigid Chain is a telescopic mechanical actuator that is flexible in one direction and rigid like a steel beam in the other. Their products are best used with long strokes, heavy loads and in extreme environments. SERAPID lift and push pull solutions are used in a number of industries including, entertainment, stamping, nuclear, automotive, manufacturing, and kinetic architecture.

For more information, visit serapid.usor, or call 800-663-4514 (toll-free) or 586-274-0774 (direct). Follow SERAPID on Facebook and Twitter or join their mailing list.

MEDIA CONTACT: Thom Tinetti, Sales Manager, 586-274-0774 ext. 155

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