Serapid Dual Linearbeam Used to Automate Plate Bending Application

Inclusion of LinearBeam will increase productivity up to four times current levels

SERAPID, Inc of Sterling Heights, Mich., recently provided a dual LinearBeam push-pull system to Pacific Press Technologies in Mt. Carmel, Ill.,for a manipulator system to position a plate into a press brake.

The system moves a steel plate weighing up to 5000 pounds approximately 100 inches through a press brake to be bent. It travels 15 ft/min and cycles once every ten minutes.

The previous method of operation utilized two people to manually push the plates through the press brake. The installation of the SERAPID dual LinearBeam push-pull system will reduce the manual labor by half, and increase productivity up to four times current levels.

"The SERAPID system had been recommended by a previous customer, who had used it in a die removal and cycling operation," said Gordon Baker, Vice President of Engineering. "In testing thus far, the system has lived up to our expectations, and will be very valuable to us in the future."

The LinearBeam is a heavy-duty mechanical actuator used for load transfer. The LinearBeam is capable of pushing or pulling loads up to 400 tons, travels as fast as two meters per second.

SERAPID specializes in horizontal and vertical motion through the use of our Rigid Chain Technology. The Rigid Chain is a telescopic mechanical actuator that is flexible in one direction and rigid like a steel beam in the other. Our products are best used with long strokes, heavy loads and in challenging environments.

Serapid provides lift and push pull solutions for a number of industries including, entertainment, stamping, nuclear, automotive, manufacturing, and kinetic architecture.

For more information, visit or or call 800-663-4514 (toll-free) or 586-274-0774 (direct). Follow SERAPID on Facebook and Twitter or join their mailing list.



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