Serapid Develops High Stroke Platform Lift for US Army

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich.- Serapid Inc. recently delivered a self-guided, high stroke platform lift for a US Army application.

The lift uses three of Serapid's Rigid Chain powered TeleMast(TM) guides to support the platform as it is moved from a collapsed height of 48 inches through 132 inches of travel to a fully extended height of 180 inches (15 ft.). It has a rated capacity of 750 lbs and operates at a top speed of 25 feet per minute. As necessary for the application, the small footprint of the platform lift, only 26 inches by 42 inches, was made possible by using the TeleMast(TM).

The Serapid TeleMast(TM) is a telescopic self-guided lifting column that employs a set of successive sized bearing guided, tubular aluminum extrusions that are extended and collapsed using a Serapid Rigid Chain. A single TeleMast is capable of lifting up to a 1,000lb load, up to 40 feet while providing for precise positioning and resisting significant lateral loads.

The Serapid TeleMast has been used in applications for large scale metrology, perimeter security, sensor deployment, personnel lifts, and production light positioning.

About Serapid

The award winning lift, quick die change and horizontal transfer system provider, Serapid, Inc. (, specializes in Rigid Chain Technology for applications in diverse industries including architecture, nuclear, medical, defense, steel, automation, engineering, manufacturing, theater, and entertainment. Serapid has a longstanding commitment to continued innovation in product design as well as to providing leadership in the advancement of engineering practices worldwide.

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