Septimatech Group Inc. Introduces The Unison(TM) Guide Rail Adjustment Solution!

Unison(TM) Guide Rail Adjustment Solution provides rapid line changeover with consistent, accurate and repeatable set-up. Change up to 100 feet of guide rail including corners from a single position without pneumatics.

This unique concept offers rapid line changeover solutions and packaging line enhancements. Through continuous design and engineering improvement practices, Septimatech is constantly advancing the fit, function and performance of all our products to your needs.

The Unison(TM) Guide Rail Adjustment Solution will be on display at Septimatech's Booth #N3931

o Guide rails adjust in seconds!
o Retrofits to existing conveyor systems
o Repeatable, consistent and precise guide rail changeovers using dial indicator readings eliminating guess work and operator variations
o Single point adjustment of conveyor guide rails including corners
o Eliminates the need for personnel to adjust the guide rail at every vertical support
o No tweaking required and No Tools!
o Single point conveyor guide rail adjustment of either one or
both sides at once
o Top and bottom rails can be adjusted independently
o Custom designed for any container shape or size and line

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